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7th Mar, 2002 10:03 (UTC)
Oh dear.

Advising against wearing any pants because tight pants can have negative consequences is like saying you shouldn't eat food because some food is fattening. Well, not quite, but there are definite disadvantages to not wearing any pants at all. Tight pants/no pants are not the only two options.

Bloody fools and their simple logical failures. I understand how tinyjo feels. Not about not wearing pants of course. Not that I'd know anything about that anyway.

I'll shut up now.
7th Mar, 2002 14:54 (UTC)
There's many a slip twixt tip and zip.
8th Mar, 2002 02:26 (UTC)
... and yet button flys seem to be more common on girls' trousers...
( 3 worms — Feed the birds )