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throwing myself back into it all again

Not really got much interest in watching Live8 (being old enough to remember cringing at Live Aid) and demos and marches scare the crap out of me; nice to know that various mates are holding the banners, but for my part I spent the afternoon down the Oxfam shop, as usual -- it flooded in the flash floods! no stock damage, though, just a rather nasty odour and some wash marks on the shelves -- although we did sell more make poverty history books and bands than usual. Oh, and someone's donated the entire ouvre of Octavia Butler and an advance proof copy of Gaimen's Anansi Boys. Anyone interested?

Yesterday and the day before I took my camera to some gigs. Three, I think. Six bands? Something like that. Recommendations for iliketrains (weird projections, big guitar noise, and a strange man on horn), and The Hellset Orchestra (hammond organ, crazed string section, pogo-inducing), also happy to see the the Schla-la-las and The Thumb Quintet again and The Keyboard Choir for the first time. Good names, I don't need to describe them. Pictures are better anyway:

jenni and the thumb quintet yet there was but others
the power of zod haircut roundup (chris beard)

(There are lots more in the gallery here and a few favourites on flickr.)

This evening I found Andy's Blues for Godzilla tape filed in an as-yet unpacked book box, and listened to it while scooby doo played on mute (not sure what the story was about, but it involved a lot of puppies and an evil scooby twin). It's an odd mix tape -- a bit sordid, a bit sad, kind of domestic ... and, of course, it opens with Bedroom Behemoths, the mistersongs track Andy wrote me about gin, plastic dinosaurs and hairdye. It's really lovely.


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3rd Jul, 2005 06:48 (UTC)
Nice to see that someone else has the same 'yeah - right - whatever' attitude to Live8, for the same reasons.
4th Jul, 2005 12:19 (UTC)
kinda sad to miss the Scissor Sister but, well ... I've seen them before.
3rd Jul, 2005 07:36 (UTC)
I've got the bad attitude, too...And remember deliberately not even watching LiveAid on TV out of sheer cynicism. I caught up with the Queen bit later...
What a splendid title; 'Blues for Godzilla'; wow...
4th Jul, 2005 12:27 (UTC)
"Blues for Godzilla" is a Bellrays song -- there's also loads of Zombina and the Skeletones, a song about day jobs called "Get Paid" (hahaha) and "Supermarket Humous vs. Smoked Tofu spread" which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Pff. Listening to it's getting me down, though.

4th Jul, 2005 14:15 (UTC)
a tape for your inner goth, obv...

Wanna borrow upbeat Motown instead? or that good old standby Glamorama... I can do a CD of that cos I've got all the tracks now.
4th Jul, 2005 14:36 (UTC)
think I might hit the HMV sale tonight
after work and see if I can turn up something completely other ... although I wouldn't mind a copy of glamorama
4th Jul, 2005 14:58 (UTC)
I'll bring it tomorrow
or curse myself soundly.
3rd Jul, 2005 09:21 (UTC)
can you bring the tape today?
I'd love to hear that song if you could bring it over... will take great care of it of course.
4th Jul, 2005 12:29 (UTC)
Re: can you bring the tape today?
they sing lizard hymns
their opposable limbs
swing to and fro...
3rd Jul, 2005 11:53 (UTC)
We must bring round the dodgy metal ex-OUSFG shelf (and I must find your house-warming present).. so much to do ...
4th Jul, 2005 12:30 (UTC)
Present! Dodgy shelf! Yay!
4th Jul, 2005 08:54 (UTC)
Oooh is Anansi Boys still kicking about? I'd definitely be interested in it. I'll post and packaging on top of the cost!

Live8...good concept but bleh. I only had it on TV because our cable isn't installed yet and frankly BBC2 is the only channel we had with good reception. Though kinda upset I missed Scissor Sisters.
4th Jul, 2005 12:31 (UTC)
I'll have to check with the boss
about how much she was going to charge for it, okay?
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