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well, looking at my friendslist

It really is official arsehole week. Sod flowers, this week I just want to give you all lawyers ... heh. Of all the things I look at and think, wow, that's out of my budget, that's probably by far the outest ...

Following an experience with a creepily obsequious and somewhat incompetent photo-jockey at Boots, I may have to defect back to Snappy Snaps, which isn't quite the tension bucket I remember -- it seems to have been colonised by patient, kind, smiley ladies. I did manage (after a few days) to extricate my B&W disposable from Boot's it'll take at least two weeks and (an hour at Snappy Snaps later) was very pleased with Ellie's shots -- both of and by -- good eye on that kid. On the other hand, Boots have this for sale, and, oh I'm drowning in my own drool. Oh, wait, no I'm not. It's not got a proper battery.

Never mind, out of my budget.


7th Jul, 2005 12:49 (UTC)
Re: evenings
Well in principle and in general, either.
More specifically we are out most of this weekend but can drop round tonight briefly if someone is in.
7th Jul, 2005 12:59 (UTC)
in tonight
what time would suit you? Seven-thirty-ish?
7th Jul, 2005 13:50 (UTC)
Re: in tonight
That sounds like a plan: consider it a plan!