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my sisters

Elle, Kean and Lewis all fine or so I heard from Alex, who got it from Vic ... I let Alex go, she's busy texting everyone she knows. Isn't everyone?


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7th Jul, 2005 10:27 (UTC)
You watching: london_070705?
7th Jul, 2005 10:31 (UTC)
like a hawk
But I'll have to break soon, I'm going nuts. kookymojito, where are you? ... not to mention the huge list of other who don't have livejournals.
7th Jul, 2005 10:36 (UTC)
got no mobile coverage here in WC1 right now. everyone's is hiding indoors...
7th Jul, 2005 10:51 (UTC)
elle got out a text
before everything went down. She's not in the area -- but Kean (husband) is. "Safely" at work, however, and stuck there.
7th Jul, 2005 11:25 (UTC)
Mobile networks have been switched off in case there are devices remaining (the Madrid bombs were activated by cellphone).
7th Jul, 2005 13:27 (UTC)
Hugs to you. I know you're not there, but you're over there, and that makes it hard, and...

Love to you all.
7th Jul, 2005 13:32 (UTC)
chill, hon
We've been here before. I remember how it was during the last big London bombing campaign, when it seemed like every damn week another person was blowing something up and all of us working in shops had to do bomb checks every morning.

It's scary, and annoying, and frustrating -- but lots of people have it much worse, you know?
7th Jul, 2005 18:39 (UTC)
*hug* I am glad you all are okay. I just heard from my best childhood friend who is also well. I am sorry this has happened so close to all of you. ox
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