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black-and-white barbecue

hug proof shirt (by ellie)

I flickred jinty's delightful barbie, at which I got drunk, encouraged Ellie to swing on doors and shut people in cupboards, wept all over the hostess and messed up lighting the barbecue. It was the least I could do. Some of the photos are public, but some are friends-and-family -- brixtonbrood, isn't it about time you got a Flickr account? Then you can snicker at pictures of Adrian very much en famille (Ellie took this one).


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8th Jul, 2005 16:29 (UTC)
Lovely pic of you and Motoko.
8th Jul, 2005 18:03 (UTC)
We've got one
but have lost all of the details. At some point I will rediscover them again - and possibly even work out how to put our own stuff on.
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