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Well, uitlander wants to know about quirks, personal idiosyncracies. Simultanously, bugpete starts asking about personal rituals you know are absurd but can't stop doing. And I'd rather do anything else than what I should be doing. All this means that it's meme-time...

"Write down five of your own personal idiosyncracies."

1. When I cross the road I pretend it's a river When I step onto the road, I pretend I'm walking across a fast-flowing river, and that if it notices I'm walking on it I will fall through the surface and drown. When my foot hits the pavement on the other side I breathe a sigh of relief at having safely reached the other shore.

2. Washing up includes drying up, damnit I'm getting better about this, but I strongly feel that "I'm doing the washing up" should include the drying up and a modicum of wiping and putting out the rubbish, if needed. At the very least all mugs and glasses must be dried, to avoid later unpleasantness.

3. Yes I talk to walls Well, specifically, I talk to rooms, houses, doorways. "Hullo the house," when I come home, "let's get you locked up," or "bye" or "look after yourself" when I leave and "Okay, Okay (etc.)" when it's hidden something or is being difficult ... and some longer conversations too

4. No, I don't need help packing Supermarket purchases should be packed according to the formula; one bag for sweet, one for savories, one for non-food items, contaminants individually wrapped, everything packed heavy to light, no more than two heavy items per bag. I can do this really fast, and I don't want any help. Thanks.

5. I take self portraits of myself sat on the loo Astonishing how many reflective surfaces there are once you start looking. Before Flickr, I thought it was just me. But now I know better.

There, that's fairly representative. Who wants to do this one? If you do, consider yourself tagged.

Oh, speaking of which, I never did do stickismyfriend's "books I didn't finish" meme:

List five books you were enjoying but never managed to finish.

The Last World ~ Christopher Ransmayr (ran out of weekend)
The Magus ~ John Fowles (decided to walk all the way round Spetsis instead)
Rubyfruit Jungle ~ Rita Mae Brown (threw it across the room for some reason, I forget why)
Finnegan's Wake ~ James Joyce (decided I'd prefer an audio version)
Molloy, Malone Dies, The Unnameable ~ Samuel Beckett (finished my finals, didn't need it any more)

*sigh* I don't think I can put it off any longer ...
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