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orange blossom and apple juice

When I was getting up this morning, my subconscious made one last-ditch attempt to keep me in bed, where I belong:

In a tiny fragment of dream I was in a Chinese garden; there was orange blossom in the air, and orange flowers bright against the laquered fences, newly washed and shining. The wisdom of the gardener was greatly respected by the Empress who saw the world in her garden. There was danger and trouble somewhere, but not in the garden; and so, perhaps she didn't knew what she was doing when she took the gardener from her garden and sent him away on a mission of utmost importance and secrecy; or perhaps some other fate was reaching out to him from a distant land, taking him away to a world of troubles, and an old man, posessed equally of wisdom and weakness, alone and dying.

I got up, feeling aggrieved to have to miss a story which had started with such promise, for the sake of my miserable job, my fragrant workmate, and FoxFM.

But, on the bright side, I just finished my Unit Plan and my bribe list just got massively more huge. Golly.


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12th Mar, 2002 07:43 (UTC)
If you can convince someone to bribe you with the new iBook, it'll be amazingly worth it... I love mine! (Not that I havem't said that before...) and the larger screen size would be great.
12th Mar, 2002 08:38 (UTC)
did I say bribe?
Well, it's not exactly mine, y'understand -- it's a "resource" currently booked out to me, but with no hurry to return it. Conveniently this means I'll also sort out trivial little things like it *starting out* by demanding a software restore, ordering the necessary extra peripherals, sorting it out internet access, that sort of thing. Ha! Come to think of it, more like an extra job than a bribe, but it's so shiny! I'm just touring it now, and trying not to coo too hard. I don't know, half the time they're throwing me out and the other half they're throwing stuff at me. I suppose this is what you'd call a stormy work relationship .....
12th Mar, 2002 08:48 (UTC)
Re: did I say bribe?
Oh! Oh! shiny peripherals -- can you swing an Airport card and an Airport base station? Wirelessness rocks so hard!
16th Mar, 2002 20:17 (UTC)
I think your writing kinda blew me away.......
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