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compulsory potter post

I was sorry to miss the owls in the local Borders midnight party. The comedy potential (getting lost in Paperchase, shitting on the Grisham, discovering the updraft over the elevators, feasting on the eyes of exhausted Potter-fan brats) seemed endless. Also, the acute probability of dressed-up staff and fans was camera-tempting. Speaking of which, they did have a good excuse but oh there are all sorts of things wrong with this picture... jinty wasn't the only person reading the book at the festival; in fact, when she went for beer, someone tried to buy it off us. For drugs.


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18th Jul, 2005 09:43 (UTC)
That picture!
Oh my! It's too close to the slash fic for my liking.
18th Jul, 2005 09:49 (UTC)
the floppy broom
is especially, um, ugh ...

I feel honour-bound to disclose that by clicking on "previous entry" and "next entry" a bit you can see much more of the same. Should you want to.
18th Jul, 2005 09:47 (UTC)
really? you never told me that!
I did get interrupted a couple of times by people asking me if it was good, and saying that it must be really good for me to be reading it in the middle of a festival.

How little they know me and my penchant for reading anywhere.
18th Jul, 2005 09:51 (UTC)
Re: really? you never told me that!
Oh, you know. It didn't seem that out of the ordinary. There were a bunch of other people reading it at the festival, anyway. It was after you'd finished it (you were probably actually going for coffee, now I come to think of it) so we were briefly tempted.
18th Jul, 2005 09:52 (UTC)
Sorry, I was too distracted by the guy playing Malfoy to notice the broom. (Drool.)
Yes, I'm a bit sad, but I try and conceal it. (Badly.)
18th Jul, 2005 10:02 (UTC)
well, far-be-it-from-me
To encourage such haviour, but Zan does post ... quite a lot of photos of himself. In many different costumes. Should you be interested ...
18th Jul, 2005 20:15 (UTC)
Isn't that Dickon/Harry?
18th Jul, 2005 21:41 (UTC)
no, that's
a New Yorker, pen name of Zan Gullo, who was dating Dickon for a while I think although I could be wrong -- dandies in love, you know -- hard to navigate the quips and discover the truth of the matter ...

I should probably stop gossiping about people I don't know now ...
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