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At Ashton Court, on the stumble through the crowd in the way out, I spotted someone who I thought I knew through comics, one of the regulars but one whose name often escapes me, pointing with interest at the moon rising over the forest. I turned back to Damian to point him out (a dangerous move considering the weaving through the crowd) and just as I nearly hit the gentleman in question in the face I realised it was Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. Fortunately, the moon was so beguiling that he didn't notice.

Even better than that, on the train platform on monday waiting for a train to take me to Didcot, there was an annoyed-loooking Jonathon Meades on the platform sat on a bench, talking to someone on his mobile about a new series. The London train was only fifteen minutes late, so presumably he was annoyed by something else. I sat down on the same bench to enable eavesdropping, but kept my i-pod on to add an element of challenge. And didn't look directly at him oh dear me no.


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20th Jul, 2005 12:36 (UTC)
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is my only hero. I am VERY jealous.
20th Jul, 2005 12:40 (UTC)
it's possible
it wasn't him but looked like him. I was at a festival, after all.
20th Jul, 2005 12:41 (UTC)
Re: it's possible
Was he bartering chickens?
20th Jul, 2005 12:43 (UTC)
Re: it's possible
no, but there was a really good herb stall there. I fetched up buying some cinnamon basil, because you don't aften see it. And much in the way of luxurious pie and organic pig stalls.
20th Jul, 2005 12:38 (UTC)
A new Jonathon Meades series? Fantastic! Not jealous, but pleased for the tip off!
20th Jul, 2005 12:41 (UTC)
oh yes
I get all the showbiz goss, me. I sent you an email, btw, about a thing.
20th Jul, 2005 13:29 (UTC)
what about my lookalike? not worth blogging? pah!
20th Jul, 2005 22:25 (UTC)
it wasn't you,
just a look-a-like, so clearly not worth mentioning. Plus, foo, that beard ....
20th Jul, 2005 17:37 (UTC)
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall? To be honest, though, don't you find him kind of annoying? When he appears in the Observer Food Monthly. Talking about what he puts in his son's packed-lunch. He, like, gets up at 5am to handmilk the familys' organic cow to put it in a beaker, and then he lovingly slices the spinch and feta quiche he made the night before (french feta! Organic!), and in the place of chocolate he puts a kiwi fruit spinkled with honey...and I just want to shout FUCK OFF YOU DO. No sane induvidual would, and even if they did, they'd only be consigning their child to merciless bullying. Huh. And even if he DOES do that? WHAT IS THE POINT? No one else will.
Phew, yeah.

Otherwise, sure he's lovely man.
20th Jul, 2005 22:27 (UTC)
yeah, I know what you mean. Sometimes I want to yell, "Maybe the pig doesn't want armoatherapy massage before you humanely kill it!" Although the whole deep-fried flower petals thing was seriously classy ....
20th Jul, 2005 18:01 (UTC)
So there's someone in the comics scene who looks like Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall that you'd really like to punch in the face?

Straggly haired speccy types should be careful this Caption...
20th Jul, 2005 22:29 (UTC)
don't suppose you know
who I mean? He's a lot better looking than H-F-W ...

and I didn't really want to punch him in the face I was just a bit blatted to be honest</small.
20th Jul, 2005 22:15 (UTC)
Meades is my God.
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