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you are jonathon meades and I claim my post-ironic detachment

At Ashton Court, on the stumble through the crowd in the way out, I spotted someone who I thought I knew through comics, one of the regulars but one whose name often escapes me, pointing with interest at the moon rising over the forest. I turned back to Damian to point him out (a dangerous move considering the weaving through the crowd) and just as I nearly hit the gentleman in question in the face I realised it was Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. Fortunately, the moon was so beguiling that he didn't notice.

Even better than that, on the train platform on monday waiting for a train to take me to Didcot, there was an annoyed-loooking Jonathon Meades on the platform sat on a bench, talking to someone on his mobile about a new series. The London train was only fifteen minutes late, so presumably he was annoyed by something else. I sat down on the same bench to enable eavesdropping, but kept my i-pod on to add an element of challenge. And didn't look directly at him oh dear me no.
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