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resisting the siren call of Hounslow

Another day of busy and cold, it feels more like April than July. Still, that's better for long car journeys; Ruth and I were picking up bargain comics today, negotiating some circular or other round London which seemed to feel we naturally belonged in Hounslow. It was quiet on the roads; we ate at a pub in Kew, and spent most of the day wrangling good-naturedly with Radio 2. Except when the celebrity programme came on, when we listened in Blue Jam silence, unsure what was taking the piss from which. My living room is now full of comics, artwork, art materials, printers, laminator, guillotine, laptop, scissors, cables, cables, cables.

Not much time for anything beyond caption stuff, though I'm trying to fit it into the cracks. No comics for dansette, though, sorry. If you're coming and you don't think you've told anyone yet, now might be the time to say; I'm making badges, it's funny how much time it takes to get something looking just this cheap ...

Even though it was raining when I got back, I had to go out and look at my balloon flowers. They're somehow calmingly strange. But this evening, I paid the price for my open-door madness when a slug tried to break into the kitchen. I was coping so badly Ian (truecatechresis) tried to come to my rescue.

I nearly ended up flipping it right into his face.


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28th Jul, 2005 07:16 (UTC)
...And the earworm phrase for today is 'Blue Jam silence'
28th Jul, 2005 08:31 (UTC)
somehow the day today
didn't fit into the sentence as well ...
28th Jul, 2005 07:35 (UTC)
I'll see ya Saturday, J.
28th Jul, 2005 08:27 (UTC)
--- oooh, your name's such fun to fit onto a badge ;D
28th Jul, 2005 09:16 (UTC)
I know, I know. You could always spread it across two badges.
28th Jul, 2005 09:44 (UTC)
maybe three...
28th Jul, 2005 10:13 (UTC)
Re: or
Now THERE's an idea.

The alternative is that I get an emergency backup name in case the primary malfunctions and explodes letters all over the place like a nail bomb.
28th Jul, 2005 07:46 (UTC)
Jay & I are coming to Caption, we just haven't paid yet...
28th Jul, 2005 08:24 (UTC)
you're on the list already
.... hm, can't imagine why ... see you sat ;)
28th Jul, 2005 08:06 (UTC)
I'll be at Caption but I don't make comics. I should be with the Rubins sisters, though. They make comics. :)
28th Jul, 2005 08:26 (UTC)
see you then
28th Jul, 2005 09:12 (UTC)
Gah. If I hadn't been at work all day (from 6am) and then out all night, I'd be miffed you hadn't called to see if I was around...? ;-)

have a good caption. I know it won't be easy in some ways. [x]
28th Jul, 2005 09:48 (UTC)
too busy dodging crazy drivers --- still, the local knowledge gained from visiting you stood me in good stead for finding a nice pub ...

Thanks --- and no. But we endure.
28th Jul, 2005 13:49 (UTC)
'I nearly ended up flipping it right into his face.'
I guess that explains the chorus of cries of disgust I overheard while busy beavering away in the Percy Street studios.
28th Jul, 2005 13:56 (UTC)
it was fully 4 1/2 inches long and the colour of an unhealthy turd. You really missed out :P
28th Jul, 2005 14:14 (UTC)
I love your Hello Kitty. I want to worship it.
28th Jul, 2005 15:58 (UTC)
No worries.
29th Jul, 2005 01:15 (UTC)
Jo invited me to be on a Remake/Remodel pnel on the Sunday so I'm coming to Caption

should be fun finding the mew venue
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