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I'd rather be photographing the patterns on women's skirts as they walk along the street.

The conversation at the pub last night repeats, and the taste of wine drowns out my pain. Too brief! Come back! I want to start drinking at work. Or give up drinking. Or give up work. "Aren't they sweet?" asked Barbara, "Look, all those 70s fashions, the little floral dresses, they're coming back into style!" Perhaps I wince a bit too hard because she quickly backpedals, "Maybe they're a bit too sweet," and within minutes, they've become "just awful. Flower, wither, die.

I'm resizing pictures of teenaged girls getting henna tattoos today. Unfortunately, the photos are so bad, it's not really much fun. An older, male, worker grabbed the tech out of my hand and went off on a tedious and pointless wander around what should have been female space with it, running out the battery, and leaving me with a whole slew of pretty dismal, unrecorded, uncaptioned shots. Dork. Had a particular fondness of pointing the camera at people doing stuff in front of large windows. Blurry sillouettes against blinding white space, anyone? Ho hum. I have Photoshop, I have the power.

Ow. Oh. Um. More tea tree oil I think.


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13th Mar, 2002 12:46 (UTC)
You are able to wince quite hard on occasion, if you try -- I can imagine it scaring the easily-scared. But this is not a character flaw.

Bad luck about the inappropriately-enthusiastic male co-worker -- not what you want to have happen, especially when you a) can handle the camera much better, b) are the right gender for the assignment, and c) probably would rather have liked to snap photos of teenaged henna tattooists anyway.
13th Mar, 2002 16:42 (UTC)
"the easily scared sometimes fear me"
... might work as a t-shirt slogan. And as for the teenaged tattooists, they were closer to the 13 than 19 end of the spectrum, I fear. But don't take my word for it; See for yourself.

It was the flattening of the battery that really got to me. I was going to let him run out his enthusiasm, then grab a couple of girls who showed interest, and get them to take the photos I'd actually be using. But, unfortunately ...
13th Mar, 2002 18:10 (UTC)
Re: "the easily scared sometimes fear me"
Hmm, yes - 'girls day' kinda gives away the age I guess. Who comes along to these things? Is it girls whose mothers are keen (ie 'it's good for you' type vibe), or girls actually deciding to turn up, or some incentive, or what?
14th Mar, 2002 09:15 (UTC)
Re: "the easily scared sometimes fear me"
Some of them are, some came because they saw the posters (by yours truly) others are regular attendees in other schemes (eg. mentoring, girls groups) who were brought in for the event by their workers. Some were enthusiastic, others weren't, but (and this is the real difference between boys and girls) most were up for trying stuff out, even if they'd not exactly asked to come. Which suits me. I'm not one of those people who gets enormous satisfaction from persuading an obstructive individual to participate; I'd rather get on with the ones who are willing to do stuff. In fact, I exclude people who won't take part, even workers, if I can get away with it. No audience, no backchat, no time to whine! I'm so mean :)

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