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no excuse really (weekly strip catch-up)

getting betterAfter we moved house, Steve the Mac wouldn't talk to any of the other computers; especially unfortunate as he's the only machine fluent in (scuzzy old) scsi, which is what the indestructible scanner talks. A few failed network solutions later and now I'm logging onto it through the webserver before saving the files to a disk with some space on it for editing. And Steve doesn't like waking up enough to do that, even. So getting up the last few week's strips has been palaver-ish, you know?

Not that that's any excuse really.

Getting better is straightforward enough; panels 1 & 6 are set in my workplace, panel 2's vandalised trees are by Florence Park and on my commute route, panel 4 is a vet's in Ealing and panel 5 features my lovely anti-breast-cancer pants. The dead badger is real -- found on Donnington Bridge Road. It made me very sad.

Happy Birthday is dedicated to Clive, my mother's husband, and also to the four or five other people I know whose birthdays have been singled out by disaster, natural or man-made. I've run a bit fast-and-loose with the truth in it; in fact, the person wearing stunning green shoes was not me, but a random stranger, and the people down the pub was actually just one person down the pub (thank you, concourse); and I was actually in the Sony shop when I heard about the Srebrenica burials although my favourite shoes shop does play the radio, so ...

Oh, and I'm wearing "art" shoes, not "shu" as depicted in the strip.


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4th Aug, 2005 09:41 (UTC)
I have missed your lovely strips, so hoorah!
4th Aug, 2005 13:17 (UTC)
thank-you! ... there are a few more to emerge from the catch-up zone, so I'm going to try and publish a couple at a time for a while.
4th Aug, 2005 13:11 (UTC)
OOh my birthday is one of those days just like that (Sept 11th)
4th Aug, 2005 13:22 (UTC)
so it is!
The strip's for you, too, then. Consider it an early birthday card

... although, if you go looking, you can find bad things for pretty much every day of the year -- one of the earlier, discarded names for the stip was "black letter days". I dumped it when I remembered the tear year calendar I did a few years back (where I collected a sad/grim/dark news story for every day of the year) which pretty much proved that they're all dark days.

Clive's is on the 7th -- they initially thought I'd called to wish him happy birthday as they'd not put the news on yet.
4th Aug, 2005 15:22 (UTC)
Apple-y ever after
You can't fool me. You're only working up to the pun "Return of the Mac", a few posts from now.
4th Aug, 2005 16:20 (UTC)
not seen you round these parts much recently
every time I turn it on, it's return of the mac -- from the dead! It takes about half an hour to stop saying "eh? what? you're not my neice!" and become a functional machine.

We'd keep it on permenantly, but honestly, the noise... (also it fits and freezes after about 30 hours continual consciousness)
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