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Every man must have a sex! MUST!!!

So I finally signed up to my local freecycle -- and nearly jumped at a free stereo right away. Resisted, however. The rest of it was all wanted ads, plus some idiot selling a television. What part of FREEcycle don't you understand, muppet?

Good software products => bottom values

Left my phone at home. It's in the kitchen, charging. It keeps crashing when people call or text me, anyway. I suppose I should really replace it. Camera phone? And do I have to talk to a phone salesman? Please say no ... hmmm, this looks strikingly tasteless. Almost too tasteless.

Than you cannot even imagine what it is like to be a real man in bed!

Some people fear floods; what freaks me is monocultural bleakness, the unbroken landscape, desertification ... so stories of people finding innovative ways to fight it always please me: Iceland is big and sparsely populated. There are few roads. So, Icelanders decided to "bomb their own country", dropping the fertiliser and seeds from a WW II DC 3 Dakota. How's that for swords into ploughshares?

Re: the most cheap great action pills pills

Oxford was being very winsome today; perfect late summer sunshine on the market, brass and herbs gleaming in golden light; and on Cornmarket, a violin duet of buskers playing Mamma-Mia (yes, Abba) in tight harmony, and, further up, a mournful accordian player, surrounded by a skitter of children begging 10ps from their parents to drop into his cap. In the skate shop (I needed a new rucksack) purple-haired boy from Soho asked me if I had a good Truck [festival]. He'd died his hair back to a tidy sun-kissed brown, I resisted the temptation to ask him which shade. Should ask his name. Maybe whether he fancies posing for some pictures.

Make your life full of grand impressions!

After a screaming row with my house about where it had hidden my black ink (at the bottom of my R2D2 t-shirt container, as it turned out) we came to an agreement. For every strip completed, I'll do something round the house, and not just chores, actual improvements. Entertainingly, this means I'm starting with the house owing me for a bunch of stuff I've done already. Now I just have to figure out some similar system for going out/hanging out but it's difficult with some many lovely, interesting, new people to see, so many fun, fascinating, mad things to go to.

original supreman life avaible

One of those meme-thingies, gakked from tenderhooligan: Age at my next birthday, my favourite colour (the search term was"deep green", not "russian buttocks"), my middle name (mm, nice pants!), where I lost my virginity (could be misleading), a bad habit (heheheh), my favourite animal (look at their little legs!), where I live (obvious), an old pet (actually a long-dead spaniel), my best friend's nickname (oops, sorry Damian), my surname and the one I love (oh my...).

And a final word from threelinecliche, my newest spambot swain:

Only time will tell if you can use this crowley

That is how we want it Floorfiller That is how we need it

cybil elbma expn fz01 novell-demo fbopen
Others like you Well there's a moon, it's in the sky
And everybody is there 'cluding 'ranus Neptune


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4th Aug, 2005 17:36 (UTC)
Ha ha! I got 'Every man must have a sex'. I didn't open it, but I did wait a while to delete it. It was just too damn funny not to.
4th Aug, 2005 19:41 (UTC)
it just had
a bunch of proverbs and an advert for cialis in it. Another one from threelinecliche ...
4th Aug, 2005 17:37 (UTC)
If you are interested, I have a fully functional analogue radio tuner (with manual) and FM aerial which my local freecycle has shown no interest in.
4th Aug, 2005 19:43 (UTC)
hmmm, tempting, but ....
I think I'll have to see if I can get rid of the fire paranoia kit and the disturbance meter I found in the shed when I moved in, first.
4th Aug, 2005 20:04 (UTC)
But how about....
A CD jukebox (we've got two, want neither) and/or a double cassette deck? And/or (says celestialweasel) a shortwave radio ("which used to work but we haven't tried it recently").

(*) Bugger will have to find somewhere else for the FM tuner.
4th Aug, 2005 20:55 (UTC)
... appealing. WTF is a "CD Jukebox"? If the answer is "large", then no.
4th Aug, 2005 21:00 (UTC)
It's a cd player that takes lots of CDs
"Wot they had before MP3 players" quoth the weasel who is reading over my shoulder.
How large is large?
They are about the size of a PC, roughly. One's upright and takes 100 and has flashing lights and makes a charming chugging sound as it fetches CDs, the other one is horizontal and works like a carousel (no flashing lights, but takes 200).
4th Aug, 2005 21:05 (UTC)
ah, no
I have this wacky thing called an i-pod, which takes rather more CDs, doesn't wear them out, fits in my pocket ...

flashing lights, though. What colour?
4th Aug, 2005 21:28 (UTC)
er, green & red iirc [looks vague]
4th Aug, 2005 21:37 (UTC)
oh not
like the blinkin lights on Sci-Fi computatrons then. Oh well. I can probably lash up something using the i-pod and some fairy lights anyway.
4th Aug, 2005 22:51 (UTC)
Re: oh not
It does have lots of LEDs. And it has a sort of tech-road-untravelled was-shown-on-Tomorrow's-World-but-never-really-caught-on thing going. However these things of themselves do not recommend it.
What we really need is an MP3 phobe with 100s of CDs to give it a good home. Or ideally two.
4th Aug, 2005 23:05 (UTC)
Re: oh not
you're trying to sell this to me, aren't you?
4th Aug, 2005 23:08 (UTC)
Re: oh not
I suspect you have better things to do with the space, but if you want it you are more than welcome :-)

Seldom can a piece of technology have gone from state of the art to brutally superseded (by small things with hard disks) so quickly...
4th Aug, 2005 20:32 (UTC)
The only spam I ever get is "How to attract weomen."
Whatever a weomen is, it's starting to disturb me, am I missing out on some great cosmic secret? Would my life be fulfilled if only I had throngs of weomen to hand?
4th Aug, 2005 21:01 (UTC)
sounds anglo-saxon
... probably means giver of wealth (gold), so yes, probably. Unless *you* were paying them, understanding your anglo-saxon sans context is no picnic ...

it seems almost sinister that you only get one sort of spam. Just the briefest glance into my bulk folder turns up gems like "Do you realize all your sexual dreams? Now you can!" "Best love dr@gs at best store!" and "Re: [2/74]: I've Got a solution for you" plus offers for custom embroidered patches, Oprah magazine and a variety of custom licences and discounts (mmm, specific).
4th Aug, 2005 22:14 (UTC)
original supreman life avaible

I find that inexplicably giggleable...
5th Aug, 2005 08:48 (UTC)
Just nice pants? I'm thinking 'nice everything' and 'classy bird'!
5th Aug, 2005 09:44 (UTC)
even worse than that
they're both *on stage*. I ♥ small theatre group websites!
5th Aug, 2005 09:21 (UTC)
Some people fear floods

And teddy bears. They freak me the fuck out.
5th Aug, 2005 09:37 (UTC)
wow, your nightmares
must look like "experimental" episodes of Rugrats. I have a very noble teddy bear called Sherry:

Who's a bit too old and tired to be freaky, I think.
21st Aug, 2005 19:07 (UTC)
you might really like patrice kindl's owl in love, which is about a girl who is a wereowl!
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