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John Peel cross-stitch kit

Originally uploaded by crunchcandy.
Belonging to the divine crunchcandy. Truly, needlecraft is the new rock'n'roll. Or something. Although I'm afraid I don't really have the patience for such things, never did really. I like colouring books, though.

47% like their man to look good on a sofa, lower than I expected. But I'm still worried that my sample is too small. Come on, I don't care if you've never even glanced in the direction of a gentleman with a speculative eye, fill in the cup of sperm poll!

Speaking of which, I'm having such a fascinating time finding out what you're all attracted to that I'm extremely tempted to run the same poll for women next.

Some of my favourites: Willingness to wear eyeliner, can find interesting things on television for me to watch, non-stop massage hands, compatible personality disorders, A deep and relentless knowledge of pre-1970s sci-fi movies.
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