Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

return of the album covers game

his shoes are staring at me

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cat doesn't care

Tonsillitis continues to be troublesome; concourse in a dress, similarly. Lousy light conditions in the Zodiac meant my attempts to photograph this momentous occasion were largely thwarted, illness meant I had to leave before The Family Machine played. Annoying. However, The Red Stripes and Princelee were most impressive. Photos here.

Some of the photos turned out to be square, which reminded me of the Album Cover Game, something I used to do where I'd post pictures here and ask people to make up artist and title of the (fictional) album it was the cover to. Only andypop really got into it, he was typically enthusiastic ("I love this game!") so (for this or whatever reason) I decided to make my latest batch on the Flickrstream Album Cover Game pictures, so come along and help me name them if you want.

Although it seems likely that I'll end up playing it with myself.
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