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a very virtual sacrifice

all a bit chapman brosA curious incident over on popular photo-hosting site, Flickr, a group called Flickritis is being cultured and grown specifically to be deleted. Its aim to become the biggest group on Flickr, after which "a "Thanks-From-Everyone : Delete-This-Group" topic will be posted for everyone to sign. We'll know when the Flickr gods get the message when they cure (delete) flickritis."

Intrigued by the cargo cult overtones, I've been keeping an eye on it all day. I posted three favouries --twigs for the coming sacrificial fire. It's already gathering add-on rituals, heretics. There's a six-word story game going, an admin has randomly started kicking people out of the group, and it's already attracted crazed followers and wild-eyed prophets.

Currently standing at 4351 members and 23783 photos, or was mere moments ago. (The current biggest group contains 10378, so they've a way to go yet.)

Hello, everyone else re-reading childrens books on my friendslist at the moment! Must be something in the air. I've put on my autumn coat and started reading The Owl Service.

Speaking of which, £75 is too much to speand on a coat. But ack, gah, it looked so good. (I didn't buy it.)


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23rd Aug, 2005 16:53 (UTC)
the owl service? more power to you. alan garner often makes my brain hurt.
24th Aug, 2005 09:54 (UTC)
The Owl Service is pretty much social realism for me. Swop in Dorset accents for Welsh ones, and an old chambered tomb for the standing stone, and it could've been the village I grew up in.

After all these years, I still find the ending quite annoying.
23rd Aug, 2005 19:05 (UTC)
Not sure about this Flickritis, I had a quick nose on it and saw pictures of people puking...ewwwh!
23rd Aug, 2005 19:46 (UTC)
I think you've just made a contribution to the medical literature on this condition...
Flickritis: an inflammation of the photo-blog; symptoms include vomiting.
24th Aug, 2005 09:56 (UTC)
wasn't me guv
I'm just the messenger.
24th Aug, 2005 09:55 (UTC)
faked up
There's probably (at least one) group on Flickr for it.
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