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obsolete media as art-form

obsolete media as art-form Been a busy weekend; friday night divided between down pub with Dan "Livejournal is boring" Jennihousemate and a friend's (concourse + brother Ben = lum col con pix) record launch. As in a hunk of (transparent, pressed in NZ, incredibly-limited-edition) vinyl. All the covers are individually hand-collaged, too. The music's stuff I've got on green CD and enjoy working to (soothing abstract turntable collage) so I should probably buy a copy. I might've done at the gig, but there weren't many there ... it was a bit of an odd sort of record launch, really; I missed the start as they were on first, there was no table from the label, and the two other bands weren't remotely in the genre. This is Seb, a friend of the band, flashing his professional seller's smile. You can buy the record and/or listen to the music at www.fouriertransform.com; and clicking on next from the picture of Seb will take you to another nine photos. See how I sing for my supper.

On Saturday went to London for an embryonic London comics meet (Sean Azzopardi's brainchild -- drop us a comment if you want to know about the next one) and got sidetracked by Selfridges. I went in because I couldn't believe they already had their christmas shop up and promptly got mugged by a new camera. I am weak, I am foolish, etc. etc.

On Sunday, I got smashed and smashed a swan. Smashing.


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29th Aug, 2005 23:52 (UTC)
nice icon. those selfridges photos made me feel as if i could have been in an avengers department store.

what was the swan made of?
30th Aug, 2005 07:39 (UTC)
truly, there was
an awesome range of kinky boots on display, also. The swan was a tacky porcelain doorplate.
30th Aug, 2005 11:08 (UTC)
Nosy Old Boot...
embryonic London comics meet (Sean Azzopardi's brainchild --)

Hmmm, wotzat about?
30th Aug, 2005 12:25 (UTC)
I was about to arks the same question. Lees clearly think alike.
30th Aug, 2005 12:28 (UTC)
Re: Nosy Old Boot...
it's a sketchpad meeting, or plans to be -- a more creator-focussed version of the regular post-Gosh meet, you know? Essentially to show off work-in-progress, talk about upcoming projects, lay plans for attendance of various conventiones, gossip ...
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