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some things you may have missed and a few you certainly haven't

All week a migraine has been hovering, failing to coalesce, hovering. Bits of my vision is starting to crimp. I thought it would be today but it isn't. Guess I'll go into work this afternoon, then ... don't seem to be acheiving much here.

Unnerving: To open an exotic decorative wooden box from somewhere far-off and discover wood dust and flight holes. Awkward: to go to a work outing (partners welcome) and discover you're the only "partner" there.

Ah yes, some things you may have missed: apres moi, la deluge -- yon Banksy aftermath shows how you can never get one piece of grafitti on a wall.

Last week's strip. I forgot to link to it. It forms a matched pair with the week before, being stories about my old and new houses. The game I'm playing goes as follows; if the car going past takes more than ten to go past the house then it'll come and get you.

Speaking of deluges, whoah, New Orleans. We're all sad, inevitably, but more than that; we're worried that this is the first of many coastal towns to fall beneath the waters. Is it the beginning of the end for the geography we have known, loved, and always meant to get around to visiting? This picture about attachment to our familiar geography is very poignant. I want you to stay.

Had an out-of-body experience? Haven't? Either way, you can contribute to the furtherment of science by answering a Manuchester University School of Psychological Sciences questionnaire about out of body experiences. I might do.

the point of impactI smashed the swan and in the process proved my new fish-eye camera is the coolest camera ever in the world ever, sans blague. Go look.

Recently I discovered that people study chronobiology. Anyone round here know anything about that?

Sick of the happy clubber lifestyle? Some miseriguts fools have been feeling gloomy club night. Keep refreshing to see more photos of miserable boys in glasses, and who doesn't like that sight?

A happy one to go out on: robotic Penguins to seek out ice on the moon. Now that's a future I want to be part of.
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