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Just got back from watching Lost at mr_snips (I'm having problems persuading TiVo away from its obsession with Justice League with guitars, Xiaolin Showdown and The Fairly Odd Parents) and my current theory is either that they've washed up on the same shore as aliens who wear dead people's bodies, or that they're on some rich eccentric's private hunting island. Last week I was more about the whole Island of Dr Moreau theory, but I hadn't seen the pilot then. (I also watched an episode of Wonderfalls that was marvellously effective in lifting my mood.)

Got home to discover I had no whisky, then thought to check my hipflask. What luck! Not only whisky, but my favourite whisky, Cardhu. The whisky I would never have known about had not A[1] invited us up to her parent's Aviemore timeshare one chilly february when the air was so cold and clean it felt like breathing untouched snow with the morning sun on it, white shot through with rainbows; and although the weather was really a bit bad for it, A[2] said he was up for touring some distilleries, so we headed out under a white sky between black hedgerows where pheasants exploded up, startled by the only car on snow-crusted roads.

At Cardhu distillery, we parked by a smoking pool of waste water (carving the first ruts of the day in the visitors' car park) and stepped inside, stamping off snow, and the guide looked up, startled, nonplussed, but only for a moment: "The next tour starts" ... she glanced at her watch, smiled brightly ... "Now!"

For any who might be interested, it's a light, feminine whisky, gold on the uptaste and smooth as satin going down. Extra complexity is gifted to the flavour by its being matured in sherry casks.


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4th Sep, 2005 00:51 (UTC)
The letter 'e'
Watch that floating e! The Scots won't appreciate it... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whisky#Spelling

jo x

4th Sep, 2005 09:36 (UTC)
Re: The letter 'e'
oops -- edited -- it's one of my standard errors.
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