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Back around july-ish, I bought concourse a ticket to see Elbow for his birthday (and one for myself, of course -- to expect him to go alone would be churlish) and you know, the best presents really are things you want yourself. Fortuituous appearance of an ex-colleage and her cat's other parent meant we were able to leave our coats with them, wriggle up to the front and get elbowed (ah-hahaha) by teenagers. The new stuff was great; they played enough of my old favourites I enjoyed it but still wanted more (what, no Buttons and Zips?) and I didn't cry too much for Switching Off. Afterwards, last orders at The Star and discussion of a possible new business venture; working from the assumption that head injuries improve musical appreciation, we're thinking of getting middle class parents to pay us to knock their kids' heads about a bit. It'll be easy, fun, and involve minimal outlay. In fact, no outlay -- oxfordhacker has a metal baseball bat that would be perfect for the job. Maybe a half-price offer until we've got the exact force required sorted out. Like hairdressers.

Look! You can now make things on Flickr FIGHT! My first matches = cake vs. sunrise, chicken vs. pants and the all-important owl vs. jeremy.

I saw a hedgehog on the way home!


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6th Sep, 2005 12:33 (UTC)
What do we need to do to persuade hedgehogs to hog on slugs in our garden? Do they need trails set up to let them access the backs of the houses?
6th Sep, 2005 12:53 (UTC)
Re: Hedgehog!
I think we're already doing quite well -- plenty of garden rubbish, gaps in the fences, long grass, an untended "compost heap", lots of untended, private corners ... we can give them saucers of water and catfood if we must, but to be honest ....
6th Sep, 2005 19:52 (UTC)
Re: Hedgehog!
I found two hedgehogs in the same place two weeks in a row once, and saved them from immiment death under the wheels of large vehicles. You know Colin street (I think it's called), by East Oxford First School (My school! Mine!) - behind Tescos, you go along Union Street and turn left and keep on going past the school, anyway, there's a big company that sells building materials, the hedgehogs were lodged by the patch of wall between the school and the company, its about a ft wide. We saved them, & we called they Colin. They may infact have been the same hedgehog, I always think, with an odd compulsion and or homing instinct. Anyway, it is not actually a Hedgehog depot, so your chances of finding one are fairly limited, so this comment is infact redundant...
6th Sep, 2005 13:35 (UTC)
ahhh, 'switching off' *nods*
6th Sep, 2005 23:07 (UTC)

Although my hotel room in Stockholm did have a hot tub, so I can't complain too much.
6th Sep, 2005 23:49 (UTC)
hot tub or elbow? hot tub or elbow?

hmmmm, elbow.
7th Sep, 2005 13:12 (UTC)
Re: hmmmm
Yeah, yeah, I know. Sigh. :p

P.S. I saw the picture at the bottom of this page and thought of you.
7th Sep, 2005 13:48 (UTC)
I have the American Airman one of them. He can do all sorts of exciting poses -- but is quite small, only 6-7in. I was going to be doing some photos of him with Britney Spears (who's about on the same scale) but somehow I never found the time.

Damnit, I need to be spending less time with boys and more with my toys!
7th Sep, 2005 23:07 (UTC)
I can also do all sorts of exciting poses. But if you think toys will make better gig company, that's up to you.
7th Sep, 2005 23:35 (UTC)
but will you stay still for the photographs?


Oh my. Guess so.
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