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sunday steamer

fell city girl
Originally uploaded by Jeremy Dennis.
Gig, on a boat, on the Thames, heading downstream from Folly Bridge in Oxford. Last one of the year, I fear -- but next year you should all come. Because, really, wow.


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7th Sep, 2005 18:28 (UTC)
now that's a gig i'd actually like to do.
7th Sep, 2005 23:49 (UTC)
there were just three this year, but the promoter's planning to do more next summer. This was the third and last and they'd really got the sound good --- there was bubble mixture and paper pirate hats and a big pirate flag being drawn down below (where the bar was) ....

But surely, you've got the Thames, too? It's just a tourist river-boat we're in, hired for a private party.
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