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don't move the spider's glass

There's a spider in my bathroom. One of those big ones which hunt rather than spin. I quite like having it around the place, keeping the mosquito population down, and the woodlice in line. And I got quite attached to it during the 24 hours it spent resting thoughtfully in the toothglass like a cocktail novelty.

But this morning I had to get it out of the bath, which was stressful for both of us. Didn't there used to be a product called a spider ladder freely available? Oh, wait. Some genius has patented it. Well, bully for them. Perhaps I can make one myself out of scoobies or something.

This slice o' piratey goodness is a reminder to me that I am failing in my duties to the internet in not scanning all my cool stuff and putting it online. On the other hand, I'm failing my house in not doing more stuff like this to it. Just a failure all round, really.

I want to make tiny comics and package them in teabag wallets. Anyone have any good tea-based stories to share with me?

The Mirror Project's taking longer to process things nowadays, isn't it? Still, this shot of Chihuly's gigantic shiny baubles was worth the wait, I thought.

I remembered to mitigate the horrors of the headlines by trawling science and nature today. Hurray! Oliver from Great Barr has invented the genuinely annoying-sounding weather predicting clothespeg, that "locks down" when it thinks its going to rain. Apparently he was inspired by his own personal frustrations with soggy pants. Aren't we all, luv, aren't we all...

No? Just me then.


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7th Sep, 2005 17:10 (UTC)
I think a piece of string works just as well as a ladder- just leave something dangling into the bath that they can climb up on.
Like your leg.
thanks for the phone-number the other day- as you may have guessed the Germans skipped Oxford in the end.
7th Sep, 2005 23:40 (UTC)
figured they probably had
--- weekends are kind of manic at the moment. What's the deadline on the frames BTW?
Re: figured they probably had - crunchcandy - 8th Sep, 2005 00:35 (UTC) - Expand
Re: figured they probably had - cleanskies - 8th Sep, 2005 00:50 (UTC) - Expand
7th Sep, 2005 18:23 (UTC)
House decoration
Ah, that whole stuffed animal palace with architecture perhaps more at home at the Burning Man?

Neat idea, but that's a whole lot of dusting! :-)
7th Sep, 2005 23:39 (UTC)
Re: House decoration
what is this dusting of which you speak?

Hmmm, I nearly bought a stuffed owl once. From a taxidermy-and-toy shop. But I resisted.
Re: House decoration - applez - 8th Sep, 2005 01:43 (UTC) - Expand
also, - cleanskies - 8th Sep, 2005 10:18 (UTC) - Expand
7th Sep, 2005 19:51 (UTC)
And there was me thinking your pirateyness were photos from sunday - you must be further behind than i anticipated
7th Sep, 2005 23:31 (UTC)
arrrrr me hearties
thoroughly piractical

Alas, the one of you with a halo of lens flare didn't quite make the final selection, and Jo ducked out of her shot altogether -- no mean feat with fish eye lens.
7th Sep, 2005 20:21 (UTC)
I have stories about carrying my teapot and leaves and strainer around the world in my travellers' pack, about trying to make tea in coffee machines in American hotels, about being quizzed by a strange man in Tesco just last week who asked me lots of questions about the best tea to have without milk, because he was without a refrigerator and couldn't keep milk (and of course I can answer any random grocery questions because I'm a girl and girls know all about shopping in supermarkets, but he was a very nice man, so I didn't really mind). And that's just some.
8th Sep, 2005 00:27 (UTC)
hmmmm, sounds good
would they go into little tea-bag sized panels? I should put together a proof of concept blank or two, probably. Tag-bag style is what I'm thinking. Have to say I would ask you random grocery questions for you are wise in the ways of biscuits and cake.
Re: hmmmm, sounds good - badasstronaut - 8th Sep, 2005 08:36 (UTC) - Expand
it does have a bit of the whole - cleanskies - 8th Sep, 2005 10:19 (UTC) - Expand
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*sigh* - cleanskies - 8th Sep, 2005 13:16 (UTC) - Expand
7th Sep, 2005 21:00 (UTC)
I have stories about tea as a response to being a Woman In A Man's world - if you ask for orange juice/diet coke at two in the morning in a bar in Stockholm/Houston you're wimping out and acting like a girl/poof, but if you demand tea, with milk and sugar thank you, and a china cup, then you're being eccentric and all is forgiven.
8th Sep, 2005 00:29 (UTC)
and you have a cup of tea. Which I'd take over diet coke at any time but especially at 2 in the morning ....

do you have a particular story? That you wouldn't mind being illustrated?
(no subject) - brixtonbrood - 8th Sep, 2005 10:26 (UTC) - Expand
unreasonable tea - cleanskies - 8th Sep, 2005 11:00 (UTC) - Expand
8th Sep, 2005 00:08 (UTC)
wow, that freakshow house is amaaazing. i especially love the sci-fi room and the fact that it has a REVOLVING DOOR.

i wouldn't want to actually live there though.

it somehow puts me in mind of this crazy car, too.
8th Sep, 2005 00:33 (UTC)
cool car!
We have one covered with fake grass round here (it's a promotional vehicle for something) plus some proper Indian decorated trucks that come out for the Cowley Road festival but that one's just amazing!

I am a bit twitch about keeping my house somewhere to live. There's a local millionaire who just adopts artists and gets them to do things to his house which is all very well but he's ended up actually mostly living in the attic ...

Think I will do a UV room, though. The downstairs toilet has no windows, so it's just asking for it.
Re: cool car! - jinxremoving - 8th Sep, 2005 00:36 (UTC) - Expand
8th Sep, 2005 09:34 (UTC)
Spider techniques
I use a 2/4 pint milk carton (the ones with an integral handle) with the bottom sliced off and the lid still attached for me it has a distinct distancing effect although I still wouldn't like to tackle one of these.
8th Sep, 2005 10:24 (UTC)
that's the one!
... not 65mm, though, this one's only about 45-50mm. Tegenaria Gigantea, huh. I think I'll call her Teggie for short.

I'm fine with the classic glass and paper technique, but avoiding hurting the legs or getting crawled on (ugh) always causes me stress. My little sister had a real thing about picking up, holding and stroking spiders so I know they very seldom bite, but I still don't want one crawling up my sleeve.
Re: that's the one! - swisstone - 11th Sep, 2005 20:54 (UTC) - Expand
8th Sep, 2005 20:50 (UTC)
I was forced to go into a McDonalds in China in order to get tea, (the brown with milk kind,) yes I am deeply ashamed, but dammit, I was desperate.

I also used to give my old Mog weak milky tea occasionally, initially cos I was sorry for her, her previous owner used to give her a pint of milk a day, (not good for a cat at all, and Jeez, even if it wasn't bad for 'em I wouldn't buy a pint of milk for a mog!) but she missed the stuff, and anyway she seemed to like tea, since she'd help herself to any cold tea lying around in mugs.
Didn't seem to do her any harm, since she lived to be 18 years old. I used to dream of training her to drink coffee, as for the 8 years I owned her she was on daily medication, the vet told me the pills were in actual fact caffeine. If only she could've drunk coffee instead, it would have been a darn sight cheaper than the pills were.
8th Sep, 2005 23:34 (UTC)
cat tea!
10th Sep, 2005 13:20 (UTC)
Don't like spiders but I was kind of disappointed when one rather big one was cleared out of its nest in our toilet cistern the other day when Dale was cleaning the bathroom. We need to keep our population of silverfish in line. I really don't want to be tramping on them when I go to the bathroom at night!
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