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don't move the spider's glass

There's a spider in my bathroom. One of those big ones which hunt rather than spin. I quite like having it around the place, keeping the mosquito population down, and the woodlice in line. And I got quite attached to it during the 24 hours it spent resting thoughtfully in the toothglass like a cocktail novelty.

But this morning I had to get it out of the bath, which was stressful for both of us. Didn't there used to be a product called a spider ladder freely available? Oh, wait. Some genius has patented it. Well, bully for them. Perhaps I can make one myself out of scoobies or something.

This slice o' piratey goodness is a reminder to me that I am failing in my duties to the internet in not scanning all my cool stuff and putting it online. On the other hand, I'm failing my house in not doing more stuff like this to it. Just a failure all round, really.

I want to make tiny comics and package them in teabag wallets. Anyone have any good tea-based stories to share with me?

The Mirror Project's taking longer to process things nowadays, isn't it? Still, this shot of Chihuly's gigantic shiny baubles was worth the wait, I thought.

I remembered to mitigate the horrors of the headlines by trawling science and nature today. Hurray! Oliver from Great Barr has invented the genuinely annoying-sounding weather predicting clothespeg, that "locks down" when it thinks its going to rain. Apparently he was inspired by his own personal frustrations with soggy pants. Aren't we all, luv, aren't we all...

No? Just me then.


8th Sep, 2005 10:19 (UTC)
it does have a bit of the whole
"I'm helpless, look after me" odour to it. I like the idea of different (flavours of) teas; mountain tea, supermarket tea, traveller's tea ...
8th Sep, 2005 10:27 (UTC)
Re: it does have a bit of the whole
Oh, I remember getting all hyped up on several pots (way too much) of strong jasmine tea late one school night when a strange little friend dropped by to tell me his existentialist problems. I got all buzzy from tea and then I couldn't sleep.

I have other sad tales about trying to get tea in America, but I'm always harping on about those. You know... when they bring you a bottle of Nestea™, and you think 'What the fuck is that?!!!? I wanted TEA!!!!'.
8th Sep, 2005 10:57 (UTC)
Re: it does have a bit of the whole
strange little tea, american tea ... I'm liking this idea more and more ...
8th Sep, 2005 11:01 (UTC)
Re: it does have a bit of the whole
When I was a child, my mother and grandmother used to take my sister and I to a place called The Kiosk (I think it was called that) halfway up One Tree Hill in Auck (NZ). They tried to do a sort of posh English afternoon tea thing, and I think they did it very well. So I have fond memories of tea and tea-time from early on. But mostly in NZ it's not easy to find something like an English tea shop... but one day...

But I was raised on tea from the word go. My mother used to give me tea flavoured milk in a bottle to get me to drink the milk. (I didn't like milk).
8th Sep, 2005 12:50 (UTC)
Re: it does have a bit of the whole
tea flavoured milk! Fantastic!

8th Sep, 2005 11:04 (UTC)
Re: it does have a bit of the whole
Oh! Another thing I like - those massive metal teapots in school staffrooms. If you get caught up in the playground for some reason, you get tea that's stewed and luke warm, but not too bad. Giant school teapots are great.

Tea, when you're a hairdresser, rarely gets finished. You make it, and it's in some cramped manky staffroom, and you get a couple of mouthfuls, and then work turns up so it gets left. And there are always cold cups of tea hanging about in the manky staffroom.
8th Sep, 2005 12:52 (UTC)
oh! oh! look!
8th Sep, 2005 13:02 (UTC)
Re: oh! oh! look!
Ah yes - seen that. I've even seen it used as a livejournal icon.
8th Sep, 2005 13:16 (UTC)
I'm so slow.