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there is a parcel waiting for you (slow fade)

I was a little confused by the the note about the parcel at the depot, I'd not ordered anything, I wasn't expecting anything ... and then I remembered about Jen saying she had all Andy's old audio-cassettes and was anyone interested in taking some? I'd said yes; my current fetish with obsolete media is still in full swing, and, anyway, yes. So I picked up the box and picked through it on the way into town, marvelling at these curious old relics of a bygone age (80s/90s, mostly).

slow fadeIt's been one of those weeks, and anyway, the tape-player lives in the kitchen, so the first chance I really got to listen to it was when I was up drawing this week's strip at 4am in the morning. It's Andy's birthday -- I mean, it would have been Andy's birthday, tomorrow, and there's been all this stuff about a memorial APA I couldn't bring myself to contribute to really (even though I had the material, god knows) and, so instead of all this was sea or a page a day I finished the strip I half-wrote the day I went up the multistorey car-park to look at the view.

While I was drawing it, I listened two of the compilations -- "My Country House" and "Foxhole" -- which, in the way of mix tapes, seemed to be All About My Life Right Now.

The following day, Damian found the pencils and remarked that it was "a bit confusing". Hmmm.

I read it through and discovered I'd simplified the bottom left-hand panel by removing the first speech balloon and the unhealthy shrinette on my bookshelf, and concentrated instead of my expression and pose and the shapes of the music coming out of the record player. It looked great, but I'd broken the key that unlocked the strip.

You miss things, I suppose, when it's that late.

Edit: I've had a complaint that the weekly strip's being reproduced too small. If you're having problems with that, here's a bigger version.
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