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back into the groove I suppose

Amazon (correctly) think I should be buying the new Sigur Ros; a hit of a hit of pretentiouness from momus this morning ("I love dance, and I can do it to anything. The dance I like to watch, contemporary dance by choreographers like Boris Charmatz, doesn't feature regular beats. You can dance to the sound of a washing machine on spin cycle! You can dance to the irregular sound of your bare feet hitting the floor and squeaking sweatily across it!") reminded me of my previous purchase, brilliant Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do which contains much rhythm of feet (being music for a dance). Probably time to get back to strangers, now; in fact, this morning I decided that I'd punished the Herring for his ugly redesign long enough, and was greeted by Dyno-rod woes I suspect will soon become all-to-familiar in the Jeremy household: I have always relied on the faeces of strangers.

This morning I dreamt that I'd just met someone, and we'd wandered around a bit together, then decided to part for the evening, only to find I'd left my rucksack in the cafe. There followed an unpleasant sequence where I was trying (and failing) to find my rucksack while trying to arrange to see the someone again while all the while my friends kept phoning me again and again to ask what time a film was on, check the arrangements, ask me about ticket prices and generally provide a bunch of information they could have just googled for. Much as it's nice to be dreaming again and much as I welcome it as a return to some semblance of normality after the insanity of the last couple of months, when my subconscious gets this tediously transparent it's just taking the piss. On the other hand, it beats the hell out of dreaming about a suitcase nuke in a Northern town.

Remember all that hobbit-nonsense? Some people are still at it: the cast of Lord of the Rings play Truth or Dare. Well, *I* laughed.

I also laughed when "simon-pure", "hauteur" and "muddleheadedness" came up as today's words of the day. Private joke.

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