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i am the winner, i am the queen!

Yes! Site completed with a new door, better navigation, a whole new section called I have superpowers!, a load of tedious webbie stuff sorted out (at last) and *still* only 92.2% of my disk quota used! At this rate I can do a few more scanner collages.

All this just slightly more than a week before my FTP service gets closed down (cheers Geocities).

Still, smug :)


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21st Mar, 2002 19:07 (UTC)
These pictures are beautiful. You really do have superpowers.
21st Mar, 2002 23:51 (UTC)
I must heartily agree. I've just spent ten wonderful minutes looking through those twice.

22nd Mar, 2002 00:48 (UTC)
Wow. That's fantastic. Teach me to use photoshop!
22nd Mar, 2002 02:54 (UTC)
What, were you guys up on the internet all night? I was expecting at least a 24 hour delay before anyone saw the powers pix ...

See you soon,

22nd Mar, 2002 07:36 (UTC)
Re: wowza!
Like I said, my sleep patterns are in tatters...
22nd Mar, 2002 09:49 (UTC)
Re: wowza!
LJ has the time screwed on my reply. I looked at the pics this morning before going to work.
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