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weekly strip returns - all this was sea

Been a bit of a hiatus while I was getting my head together after a disastrous relationship, but these things happen. Even to me, I guess.

all this was seaThat aside, meet the newer, bigger, better weekly strip. I've checked the dimensions on a few different screens, but I'd still be keen to hear what other people think; it's a larger file, too (c. 300k) and if anyone's still on dial-up, it'd be nice to know if that's a problem.

Damian pointed out that the ending was a bit of a cliffhanger, but given that I obviously did survive to tell the tale, I remained unconvinced by that arguments and ended defiantly on the sinister note. (In fact -- survival tip! -- I followed my bubbles up through the murky water, and later had the second most unpleasant dental experience of my life.) That's my family there -- and the chalk uplands that were once all sea are the Dorset Downs. So, why are they called Downs when they're up?

I knew the answer once, but I've forgotten it now.

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