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dull day, on with the music memes

There's a nice ipodomancy variant doing the rounds where you replace all the track titles with cryptic-crossword style clues, and people have to guess what's what. There's a couple of easy ones in here, but many are willfully obscure ... blame the ipod, I told you it was a sadist:

Ta very much
spiritual passion
flat wooden squares within the law
seeing things (the things you see)
killing the ringing things
a tasty chocolate snack bar
that one about an unnecessarily large vehicle
three options either way
it'll be soon, maybe tomorrow
initial peck causes most injury
first sort of grease
millennial mirrorball dance
too high up
murder that stripey british mammal
EDIT: Scroll down the comments to see the answers.

More music: percyprune wanted to know what 7 tracks I'm digging at the moment. Inflation -- last time I did this it was 5ongs!

hustler groove - apollo 440
where is the what if the what is the why - moloko
drunk country - midfield general
any second now (voices) - depeche mode
good day - the dresden dolls
farewell angelina - joan baez
sunday morning - strawberry switchblade

Hmm, looking at that, that's a graduated tint, from growl to lilt. Maybe I should have made it an octave.

... and while I was checking that I got the right title for Any second now (I've been listening to it over and over on vinyl -- pleasant but uninformative) I found a stupid web quiz that tells you what Depeche Mode album you are:

Take the quiz: "Which Depeche Mode album are you?"

You are truly an amazing specimen. You're one of the greatest albums of all time according to RollingStone. Every song on you is perfection, and while there are those who say to you, "look, make up your mind: either you want to dance or you want to sulk, you can't have it both ways!" you resolutely ignore them in your determination to do both.

I feel cleansed now.


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4th Oct, 2005 15:11 (UTC)
Any Second Now is one of my favourite Depeche Mode tracks. I think it has to be the most beautifully pingy one.
4th Oct, 2005 15:14 (UTC)
isn't it!
I think I may end up wearing a hole in the record.
4th Oct, 2005 15:16 (UTC)
Re: isn't it!
I'm also fond of the much more obvious Just Can't Get Enough, but that's one I have a sentimental attachment to in relation to a specific event, so I don't indulge in it terribly often.
4th Oct, 2005 15:19 (UTC)
millennial mirrorball dance - "Disco 2000" - Pulp

Now I must run...
4th Oct, 2005 15:24 (UTC)
that's the easy one gone!
4th Oct, 2005 15:33 (UTC)
the answers
Thank You - Sly and the Family Stone
Soul Love _ David Bowie
Legal Boards - Keyboard Choir
Hallucinations - Roy Budd
Slaying Bells - Dr Venkman
Caught by the Fuzz - Supergrass
Breakaway - Basement Jaxx
The Jeep Song - The Dresden Dolls
YYY/NNN - Soulwax
any day now - elbow
the first kiss (cuts deepest) - zombina and the skeletones
oil 1 - Moby
disco 2000 - pulp
Out of Reach - Low Gold
Kill the Badger - William S Burroughs
4th Oct, 2005 18:09 (UTC)
"murder that stripey british mammal" is listed as your current music here!
5th Oct, 2005 09:26 (UTC)
That's *very* observant. You bet -- kill the badger, wild will burroughs.
4th Oct, 2005 21:26 (UTC)
is number 1 dido???
5th Oct, 2005 09:27 (UTC)
right title,
wrong artist. "Thank You" by Sly and the Family Stone. Dido = bleurgh.
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