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jeremy needs guidance to grow into a man (the scenester army)

Up at Blackbird Leys yesterday for an evening meeting with colleagues (Al Cane was also there!) about what's going on for Black History Month and instead they were wanting me to start on the promotion for next year's Cowley Road Carnival already (July 2006!), encouraging young people who want to learn Brazilian drumming and make huge carnival costumes and so on to drop in and sign up ... well, OK, I got some good Black History Month stuff too, but this got me thinking about how I'm not much of a Sol Samba sort, myself, and nor are a lot of other people.

The Cowley Road I hang out in is all small gigs and clubs and pubs and afterhours drinking and nothing so enthusiastic as marching and drumming and dancing (although we might nod a bit, if the music is good). And though these people do feature in the carnival (there are some stages up by the mosque) there's no Scenester Pride on display in the march, no hint of the anti-culture with its flyposters and stickerkids and music shops and 14+ gigs full of serious kids in black t-shirts waiting for their turn to get on stage that's such a big part of the area.

So it was that I ended up walking into work (TOIL from last night, plus I wanted to listen to the new Elbow album) thinking about The Scenester Army marching in the Cowley Road Carnival parade. Based off the back of a flat-bed Truck with the Scenester Army logo stencilled on it, sides all boarded and flypostered up and some event-specific supergroup with far too many drummers and guitarists formed from random chunks of various bands on back called, oh I don't know, some name with far too many nouns ... and marching alongside, in front and behind, in gig uniform of cool t-shirt, anti-fit jeans and fringe, the Scenester Army themselves, shuffling row by row (alternating introverts with flamboyants: a row of shoegazers followed by a row of dandies followed by a row of i-pod zombies followed by a row of stickerkids followed by a row of lurkers followed by a row of artygrrlz with cool merchandise followed by another row of shoegazers because, let's face it, we're not going to run out of them) from the Plain* to the Zodiac**, hungover and scowling in the harsh July sun. DJ breaks to spell the band, genre-clash as each vocalist-set tires and taps in the next; stewards circulating with sunglasses, earplugs and bottles of water to relieve the pain. It'd be the noisiest float. And very stylish. It'd increase the cultural representation of the area. Possibly more so even than the stiltwalkers and the giant mumbling psychedelic snails. Except ... no, it wouldn't work. No-one would get up in time.

* Roundabout.
** Venue.

In other news: Wow! Robot fish!

And because I also would like to know what I need:

Jeremy needs from the bottom
Jeremy needs some lovin
Jeremy needs new music!
Jeremy needs to synchronize the flow of content
Jeremy needs to get back together with Jessica because they belong together. I can't stand the whole Jade/Jeremy thing! whatever!
Jeremy needs the money in order to stay competitive
Jeremy needs guidance to grow into a man.
Jeremy needs Quicklings...Bakemono on double doses of Haste are Quicklings!
[I dont think] Jeremy needs a hug, I think he wants to be some sort of nihilist Jesus Christ! Jeremy, You are very disturbed!!!

I cut out a lot of stuff about rescued pets (who calls their pug Jeremy?) and disturbed children who needs a stable, loving home. And actually prefer the "Jeremy needs" results on google images. Look: a cat, a haircut, some rich generous americans, a psychic, some cuties in a zoo, a mangy dog, storytime, a desk and no job. That's what I need!

Got a lovely message this morning from random8(prose), my current spambot swain:

one more time

Probable four, top car rather, kind. Carry sleep, fine is mark
eye. Try value ocean. Did come horse sentence. Talk long process
lone heart great thought. Out lone tire bed select dress. Idea
coast head. Control say she, figure. Sure against ten behind
their said hair. Jump man see. By mile level. Spring, speak
equal next over, very.

Mood of google: I can't stop thinking, I just keep plugging, I'm too tired to eat, and I can't do anything but think of this and my work is now really suffering with the combined effect of my wrist.

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