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SOLD! Jeremy Dennis

SOLD! Jeremy Dennis
Originally uploaded by crunchcandy.
According to crunchcandy, Poketotem sold on the opening night. There's a thing.

The rather more obviously by me (possibly not work safe) picture tucked into the back of the frame came as part of the package -- what good value! There's loads of other pictures from the 24 frames show on crunchcandy's flickr stream, but I'm going to link to her picture of Wolverine in a bunny suit instead, because it's funny.

Having spent all weekend up to my ears in mysterious Scottish castles, lady-snake swamp monsters and dead baby ghosts (for Halloween horror special Dead by Dawn) I spent this morning on the BBC website catching up on the Kashmir quake crisis. The DEC hasn't started an appeal yet (probably will have done by the end of the day) but Oxfam's very active in the area and already have their own appeal going, so I dropped into the local shop at lunchtime to pass on a bit of money. "Following our initial assessments Oxfam is gearing up to supply emergency aid to approximately 300,000 people in some of the areas worst affected by the earthquake," apparently. Big numbers, to say the least.


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10th Oct, 2005 12:47 (UTC)
Good grief: no wonder Anya was scared of bunnies.
11th Oct, 2005 09:54 (UTC)
Thank god someone has figured it out! I made it a bunny for exactly the Anya scaring reasons, but then thought maybe that was too weird of me.
10th Oct, 2005 13:00 (UTC)
Is all that work by you?? how big are the picture frames? what a neat idea. Love the secret work on the back! I guess the buyer didn't know that until after purchase?
10th Oct, 2005 13:26 (UTC)
not, it's a group show --
A fundraiser/birthday exhibition at an artists' shop in Bristol. Brief was to fill the frame, however we liked, and secrecy was something of a theme of the exhibition: the pieces are displayed without artists' names (you find out who did it when you buy it) and it's also a secret who it sold to ... hiding secret art in a piece in an exhibition like that seemed like the right thing to do!

Details here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/thingsfromhere/36927.html

The frames are about 10 inches tall (or wide, depending on what you like)
10th Oct, 2005 13:42 (UTC)
Re: not, it's a group show --
10th Oct, 2005 13:49 (UTC)
I especially like "the aviary" and "death calls"
10th Oct, 2005 14:29 (UTC)
Re: oooh!
thank you for looking! :-)
10th Oct, 2005 13:01 (UTC)
That secret are is The Awesome.


If only I had money to buy art...
10th Oct, 2005 13:02 (UTC)
Okay, I did buy a Ben Templesmith print the other day, but it was relatively cheap...
10th Oct, 2005 13:50 (UTC)
does somebody
want a care package of filthy art?
10th Oct, 2005 14:07 (UTC)
Re: does somebody
There's no filthy art like your filthy art.
10th Oct, 2005 14:41 (UTC)
Re: does somebody

I could send you one in exchange, full of plastic toys and mix cd's...
10th Oct, 2005 14:45 (UTC)
sounds good to me!
email me your address ( cleanskies @ yahoo.co.uk ) and I will send you filth !
10th Oct, 2005 15:45 (UTC)
Re: does somebody
Who wouldn't want a care package of filthy art?

Still have not had time to get thread to finish your cushion, btw. I forgot to write down the code number so I'd get the right shade of blue. (Hey, I may as well do it properly, right?) I'll probably get thread tomorrow, though.
10th Oct, 2005 13:10 (UTC)
Wolverine's a furry!
10th Oct, 2005 13:27 (UTC)
-- horrifying cntradictions --
brain being pulled apart
10th Oct, 2005 20:32 (UTC)
Jeremy. We have to have words. Your art looks spectacular and great. Natch. You are an artist. You want to sell for money? You produce and sell secretly? Is this part of some big plan to big up your image schick as outsider artist who doesn’t care about commerciality in order to make more money later when you sells out to commerciality (but in a very controlled way that still looks like uncommerciality)? If not, What? And why not?

Artweeks? Making things and selling them? Que problém? None. OK, we're agreed; I expect to see you in the booklet next Spring.
10th Oct, 2005 21:45 (UTC)
why am I not in artweeks, let me count the ways
1. It's crowded.
2. That £75 entry fee stings.
3. Artweeks is an open studio event and I do not have a studio.
4. I have to have my shit together before the end of this year to participate next year.

No big plans or bigging up, just a fairly solid conviction that I'm unlikely to recoup that £75, and the general problem that it's easier to participate in a show by invitation than by organisation.
11th Oct, 2005 21:54 (UTC)
Re: why am I not in artweeks, let me count the ways
1. But a lot of them are crap and/or boring. Beheaded pokemon totems would stand out.
2. I bet you £75 that you'd make it back.
3. Your house is a treasure trove of wonders and is in fact your studio. Anyway, there are exhibitions too, you just need to get a place to exhibit in if you're not to exhibit chez jeremy. Admittedly getting your stuff into St Giles church might be a hard sell, but you never know. (Maybe a trendy bar.)
4. yes, so? Do it. I'm inviting you. I'll be your agent and ask around for venues if you'll get your act together.
11th Oct, 2005 23:24 (UTC)
The secret collections picture is wonderful.
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