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icon for curse of the black swamp For which, many apologies. I have been (still am, actually) quite busy with some longer pieces. This is the first page of curse of the black swamp, a piece for horror anthology, Dead by Dawn. The comic is due to be launched Halloween weekend, when you can see the rest of the strip, but I can reveal that things did not go well. I also misspelled once, but not on this page. Berk. Jeremy. Berk.
icon for mermaunder and the magic fish Long and dreamy and very much a mood piece, this excerpted page of Mermaunder and the Magic Fish [NOT WORK SAFE] for Whores of Mensa 2 (with Ellen Lindner, Mardou and Lee Kennedy) is not the best way to appreciate it. I'm printing up the British Bootleg edition of Whores of Mensa 2 : Mermaid Splash! next week, after which they may be obtained from yours truly (the American import edition will rattle in in a month or two) for £3 or so. Also features the absolutely true story of The Little Mermaid, though I should point out that she really doesn't like to be referred to that way.