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nothing pathetic about my fallacies

Yesterday the unwelcome surprise that my Youth Matters delegate's pack contained no travel information whatsoever was abruptly complicated by the discovery that my vague memory of a bus route to Kassam Stadium was either false or discontinued. I stormed back to the office to dial up the stadium's website, only to find that the maps were "brochure-style" (two sizes, both useless) and that while the website included many Quicktime "virtual tours", it did not include the venue's address or postcode. I was getting rather angry by the time I finally extricated a street name and postcode from google.

As I was trying to pull up a map, the browser hung. Then the internet connection went down. Then the network for the entire building. From the noise on the way out, every system in Macc House was jammed. As I stormed out the front gate, (to buy an A-Z, figure out a route from the nearest busstop and finally arrive with mere minutes to spare) they were attempting to pull open the electic car-park barrier with their bare hands.

Which just goes to show how much one badly-designed flash website can mess up your day.


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18th Oct, 2005 15:10 (UTC)
On the plus side
..actually no..I can't think of anything. Oh well.
18th Oct, 2005 16:08 (UTC)
Re: On the plus side
I got to see a whole new area of town I was previously unfamilar with.
19th Oct, 2005 07:06 (UTC)
I went round there once, in a car, and likewise discovered a whole new part of town I was unfamiliar with. I concluded that I was unfamiliar with it for good reason, and have remained so. Didn't like the Kassam bit.
19th Oct, 2005 12:51 (UTC)
the Kassam conference centre
Was somewhat half built. Had a terrifying moment of "bloody hell, I'm in the gents" panic when I went to the toilets, but no, I was in the ladies, it was just missing some of the things you'd expect to see in a conference centre ladies toilet.

I ended up walking past some of the chunks of village embedded in Littlemore (most of it was for sale) on the way back, and along an entirely different Cowley Road. But it didn't seem like a pleasant area, no.
18th Oct, 2005 21:25 (UTC)
As I understand it, the system outage was due to workmen drilling through a power cable outside. Which was good for me, as I got figures phoned through rather than waiting for email, although admittedly only lot one out of five.

I can't install Flash on my work PC, which is extremely annoying as it means I can't even look at the park and ride timetable if I want to...
19th Oct, 2005 12:55 (UTC)
you take all the magic
out of it. Yep, no Flash, no Quicktime, and my Windows Media Player is deliberately disabled. It's a rum old business, web-whacking for the C.
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