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days of beer and kittens

The weekend starts on Thursday. You know in your heart that it's true.

Lunchtime Thursday I let Work Experience Lass go off to Pizza Hut with her mother, while I tried and failed to go into Avid Records, which is closing very soon. I don't honestly know what to do. Should I set a budget? Go mad? Forget about it for the week it'll take to go away? Instead I went to the market where a lady with a huge furry hat sold me four antique cocktail picks for £1 each. There's probably lead in the silver, but I expect they will only see ritual use.

Strange moment on Friday; a woman walking across the Pelican crossings below my office window, singing a sing-song made-up song, like toddlers do, do you remember? About what they're doing, and what they're seeing and how they they're feeling. All the people around her ignoring her as best they could. I couldn't hear too well from three stories up but she seemed angry, with someone or something.

Saturday at the bookshop, Jen the manager told me she'd seen us going home the night before. Actually, I think the word she used was "reeling" but as it had been at some time well past three she was hardly on the moral high ground. I had been dancing, but not reeling, at a really good Halloween club night consisting of Digitonal rescoring The Shining and (in the oh god I can't quite believe this is happening zone) a fantastically freaky horror/guitars/monster audio-visual set from Hexstatic. Sheer wonderfulness with masks on.

While I was getting the puddings in after Sunday lunch at The Radcliffe Arms (littlegreenboat was in town and needed lunchings) the barman said he would serve me but only if he could plug me in; I smiled and replied, "I glow under UV." Some days, dressing up is its own reward. White Horse is rather nice beer, too. Which makes me wonder; is there a god of beer, as Bacchus/Dionysis is god of wine? Ran into an unexpected friendset (concourse, ginger_princess + 2 lj refuseniks) but they were all in a shit mood after their boiler broke just as they got back from a Halloween party the night before. Washing out fake blood in cold water = no fun.


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23rd Oct, 2005 23:27 (UTC)
singing to oneself
people singing to no-one in particular make me happy. A woman cycled passed me the other day, singing for the joy of it; about the only thing worth noting of that day. And yesterday a young woman hummed as she passed me, and returned my smile. It's such things that keep us human.

How the hell is Emma, anyway? I fear I never returned her call which was a return of my call a while back; I hope she'll forgive me.
23rd Oct, 2005 23:33 (UTC)
oh, I should think so --
and she seemed very cheerful. She'd been playing for a Gay Scottish Country Dance group in Islington the night before, can you guess what it was called?

I also like spontaneous singing, but this lady was not singing a happy song.
23rd Oct, 2005 23:37 (UTC)
Re: oh, I should think so --
If Gordon wasn't involved, I'll eat my cycle helmet.

Say hi to Emma for me.
24th Oct, 2005 00:26 (UTC)
I dispute that
Firstly: binkysunnyvale, even if he never uses it.

Secondly: I was in a really good mood, as I'd had a grand productive little morning, including fixing said boiler. Which has broken this evening in identical fashion, but that's by the by.

However, I couldn't agree more about the Friday night - was a proper stunner. Will you be a regular peepshow companion? And perhaps Tom Middleton on Nov 11th, though it will be a bit more conventional.. I went linkhunting but the zodiac don't seem to have anything interesting to say about it.
24th Oct, 2005 09:47 (UTC)
OK, yes -- *you* were in a good mood
... and it looks like the productive day went on all day, despite the intermittent boiler outage.

"Regular Peepshow Companion" sounds like it'll look good on my CV. Seriously, yes. What a good night. Not altogether aware of Tom Middleton's oeuvre but a bit of googling suggests obscuro mash-ups which sounds like fun.

binkysunnyvale, hm? Well, that makes sense. Except that he never uses it, so he's still a refusenik.
24th Oct, 2005 23:07 (UTC)
Boiler's getting twitchier and twitchier
I've just got a reply to my exciteable email to the Peepshow lot, and they tell me (in accordance with their *enormous* email flyer) that the next Peepshow is on Friday November 18th. More expensive than the last one, it seems, but should be good.

I can lend you a Tom Middleton 3cd DJ mix if you like. I'd offer to burn it for you but it would go to the back of a substantial queue.
25th Oct, 2005 12:54 (UTC)
loan away
I can have it on i-tunes and back to you in no time.
24th Oct, 2005 23:10 (UTC)
And did I mention The Egg are doing Peepshow in December (Fri 16th)?

(thinks: should really check out the drum and bass night 'source' as well.. all this is long overdue.)
25th Oct, 2005 12:48 (UTC)
spotted the egg show
--- thinks to self, hmmmmyes.
24th Oct, 2005 05:49 (UTC)
curious.. so i googled
The goddesses Siris and Nimkasi were patronesses of beer

In fact it has been suggested by historians that Dionysus, the wine-god of Greek mythology, was actually a superimposition of Dionysis, the beer-god from pre-historic times.

24th Oct, 2005 09:59 (UTC)
ah, I didn't think of
heading back to Babylonian and Egyptian times. I was off up with the Norse and Celtics, and having no luck at all.

Hmmm, looks like there are some variant spelling around:

Ninkasi, Sumerian goddess of Wine, 'Lady Horn-Face' Ninkasi - Goddess of strong drink. She was created by Ninhursag to heal Enki's ailing mouth, after he had eaten her grandchildren in the "Sumerian Paradise myth. And, oh, she has a HYMN!

Caution: apostrophe crime.

Although worshipping Isis may make more sense. She has name recognition and is a local river goddess in these parts ...
25th Oct, 2005 15:36 (UTC)
Re: ah, I didn't think of
heading back to Babylonian and Egyptian times
game playing does come in handy at times...

24th Oct, 2005 07:42 (UTC)
I do toddler-songs, too, happy and otherwise. Just inside my head, of course...I hope.
Excellent coctail skewers!
24th Oct, 2005 10:01 (UTC)
only in your own head?
Disappointing. I had thoughts of you serenading Wotan with operatic improvisations.
24th Oct, 2005 12:28 (UTC)
Re: only in your own head?
Oh, in the privacy of my council cave, I often let rip. Wotan got the full force of my Dame Clara Butt imitation rendering of THE LOST CHORD just this morning, but as he's deaf, it's not a problem for him.
I don't think people in ASDA would get off on the tuneless chanting of personal 'hums' like 'Booley booley, apple apple', though, so I try to keep 'em to myself...
24th Oct, 2005 16:41 (UTC)
I passed the singing lady on Park End Street a couple of minutes before she reached you.
25th Oct, 2005 12:48 (UTC)
did you catch any of the lyrics?
24th Oct, 2005 22:07 (UTC)
Toddler songs rock, and they are catching - my speciality is the "Climbing Up The Stairs Song" (aka "Everything's OK") but I never seem to catch Small's free-form quality, possibly because I get held up by the urge to rhyme. This is probably also why my stories never quite hit the spot with her - I feel the need to add narrative tension/dramatic development etc, whilst she just wants a story in which she goes to the beach with Princess Leia and Croswyl the dragon and meets some jellyfish.
25th Oct, 2005 12:52 (UTC)
i have a tendency
to lapse into choruses, myself. Who wouldn't want to go to the beach with Princess Leia and Croswyl the dragon? Although I'd rather meet giant pink squid than jelly fish ... hang about, who is Croswyl the dragon?

Croswyl isn't on google. The internet has failed me.
25th Oct, 2005 23:43 (UTC)
Re: i have a tendency
The internet has failed you because Croswyl is Tiny's stuffed toy dragon, and also the earthly representative of Small's imaginary friend. They have many adventures together, fighting knights, befriending tigers (and outfitting them with Miffy socks so that the children of the village will know that they are nice friendly tigers) reconciling Luke Skywalker with his father in time for his birthday party, and memorably helping Princess Leia to save the jellyfish from the troopstormers by cooking up an alternative meal of delicious seaweed stirfry.
29th Oct, 2005 11:53 (UTC)
Re: i have a tendency
i do not know you, nor your children, but i think i adore them.
29th Oct, 2005 13:14 (UTC)
Quite right
you have excellent taste - though those who know us in person will testify that the medium of lj highlights is possibly the best, certainly the quietest way to get to know them.
29th Oct, 2005 02:09 (UTC)
i wonder what that woman was singing!

i actually have "singing tunelessly" as one of my lj interests.
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