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tws - the end of the party season

icon for the end of the party seasonThe old scanner finally broke, so I'm back on the lash-up system again for this week's strip -- actually last week's strip now, I suppose. Not very Halloweeny I'm afraid, but appropriate enough for just how partied out I feel today after a weekend of gigs and boozing like there was no tomorrow ... which is all very well, until you wake up the following morning and realise that unfortunately there is. A tomorrow, that is. And then another tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow ...

I've already spotted out a suspiciously cheap A3 scanner and yes, damiancugley, I do own an anti-stress pig. It doesn't seem to be helping with the stress, and it smells faintly of damp, but its neck is just the right size to throttle between my thumb and forefinger.

Apparently the Upper Heyford event ended in a fist fight and arrests. Just as well I didn't ask anyone (who might have been playing) how it went ...

Oh, and look ma! I'm a master of contemporary horror!
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