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I got an email for Jeremy Davis* my cross-dressing swimwear-model bounty hunter earth 2 counterpart, in my work inbox yesterday. He's been invited to the Press Preview of The Snow Queen at the BMW plant. He's tempted for the costumes and because hey, it's The Snow Queen ... but the invite contains some of those little red flags ... "dance routines combined with talking animals" ... "includes an enchanting original score" ... "fun, laughter and toe-tapping" ... and there's some severe overuse of the word "enchanting" going on. And Jeremy Davis? What's with that? I'm beginning to suffer mild anxiety about just how real he's becoming.

I've also been seven-songs tagged again, this time by merteuil. Mostly a pretty slow mix this time, I'm afraid, sad songs, no belters:
  • Christina, by Zombina and the Skeletones (Down from the sky/A dead star will fall/For the ugliest angel of them all)
  • Email, by The Pet Shop Boys (time and distance melt away/no digital delay/and some things can be written down that we're to shy to say)
  • Want Some by Spy 51 (this is too/this is too much/you've been taking all the things I want to touch)
  • Storytelling Johnny by Fosca (these hips are not child-bearing/they're child-spurning/and child-sparing/and child-scaring)
  • Maris Stella by Digitonal (soft afterdark sample stuff)
  • Sunglasses at Night/Blue Monday by Tom Middleton Sound of the Cosmos (a very relentless dance track)
  • Would you rather be followed by Forty Ducks for the rest of your life by Detwiije
I've put in a link if you can actually hear (some of) the track I refer to online. Tags onto concourse, henriksdal, buddleia, crazycrone, grannybum, badasstronaut and any of the rest of you who want to do it. Participation is, as ever, strictly on a voluntary basis.

The centre of my money tree has died and I need to replant it into multiple small pots. The edge of the sink is leaking and I need to put some sealant round it. The metal shelf is now so full it's clutching at my hip every time I walk into the kitchen. The electric box is cluttered with paper, it needs to move, so I can read the meter. Oh, yes, my feng shui is royally fucked.

But on the bright side, my new wrist-mounted engraver marks plastic and some metal but not windows.

* Jeremy Davis was born when an interview with me was accidentally credited to "Jeremy Davis" instead of "Jeremy Dennis". The details of his life have been filtering through since; if you know anything more about him, please let me know.


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1st Nov, 2005 18:04 (UTC)
we emailed back and forth for a while but nothing came of it.
1st Nov, 2005 18:17 (UTC)
did the cross-dressing
bounty-hunting secret life come across in the emails?
1st Nov, 2005 18:29 (UTC)
Re: did the cross-dressing
no! i thought he collected tea cosies [his spelling].
1st Nov, 2005 18:22 (UTC)
I meant to mention this last time - I work with him. One of the mian producers on my UK Play pop video show from afew years back, now producing the links in between the kid's programmes on BBC1 weekday afternoons...

He's welsh, and doesn't let anyone forget it.
2nd Nov, 2005 00:21 (UTC)
welsh, hm
I should've guessed.
1st Nov, 2005 21:19 (UTC)
Jeremy Davis...
2nd Nov, 2005 00:09 (UTC)
I wouldn't have thought it would help with the cross-dressing, but what do I know?
1st Nov, 2005 22:10 (UTC)
You command
2nd Nov, 2005 00:14 (UTC)
Re: You command
Which bit of "Participation is, as ever, strictly on a voluntary basis" didn't you understand, then?
2nd Nov, 2005 00:37 (UTC)
I must have been too distracted by "strictly" to notice "voluntary".
2nd Nov, 2005 00:57 (UTC)
me and my mixed signals
1st Nov, 2005 22:17 (UTC)
funny that i'm lying in bed feeling about 3000 years old, with a bunch of teddys and my mac, and you appear to be listening to me screaming my lungs out in a way that i couldn't imagine having the energy to ever do again. thank heavens for recording equipment.
2nd Nov, 2005 00:15 (UTC)
I like listening to you screaming your lungs out.
1st Nov, 2005 23:05 (UTC)
Plumbing Girl
I've got some of that sink sealant stuff if you want to borrow. I can put it in my bag and hand it over next time we pass in Florence Park... jo
2nd Nov, 2005 00:17 (UTC)
bit of a flying wave, wasn't it?
... such a "but I'll be late for work!!!" moment. Re: sealant, I bought some to do art with only a month or so ago so it should still be fine I think.
1st Nov, 2005 23:54 (UTC)
Thanks for memeing. I like all three of your linked choices, and I'm going to need to find the Pet Shop Boys' Email somewhere. I kind of lost track of them after their Discography.

Good idea, including the music links. I just went back to mine and added some links to whatever Amazon pages offer song clips.
2nd Nov, 2005 00:18 (UTC)
I couldn't find Christina online -- that was the one I really thought you'd like (and the one I've been listening to most).
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