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brass plaques representing local culture

When I saw this flagged up in the "Cowley Road Matters" plans, hideous visions of ethnically diverse children, abstract patterns representing educational achievement and stylised Morris Motors cars went through my mind. But it looks like somewhere along the line, the artist broke free of the committee, and produced something much stranger and rather cooler.

In addition to this one, there's a prostitute on the corner of Magdalen Road, a homeless guy by Manzil Way, and an ad for a Curry House near that NHS dentist somewhere, and more going up every day ...

Except that last night, I swung by this one on the way back from a gig and found it had been covered up with a splash of tar. Hmmm.


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4th Nov, 2005 11:04 (UTC)
They should have one of the guy with the spider tattoo on his face.
4th Nov, 2005 11:10 (UTC)
still plenty to go down
I wouldn't be surprised if he turned up.
4th Nov, 2005 11:22 (UTC)
Re: still plenty to go down
I must come and have a look... Any sign of shoe-gazers yet?
4th Nov, 2005 11:30 (UTC)
they've not done the
area outside Polar Bear/The Zodiac yet, but I'm sure it'll come.
6th Nov, 2005 00:27 (UTC)
the one outside the zodiac's gone down
it's a record on a turntable
6th Nov, 2005 21:01 (UTC)
Re: the one outside the zodiac's gone down
6th Nov, 2005 21:02 (UTC)
Re: the one outside the zodiac's gone down
that was me, not logged in...
4th Nov, 2005 15:42 (UTC)
That is so bizarre.
Here in the forthcoming "Capital of Culture" we don't get such plaques, only the bloodstained real thing flung on the pavement, or in the park where the kiddies like to play their footie.
4th Nov, 2005 16:15 (UTC)
ah, we failed at that
-- maybe that's why the city's trying so hard at the moment.
4th Nov, 2005 17:33 (UTC)
The Leper hospital was - you know that beautiful old old house up the alley just before you reach Bartlemas Road (by the allotments)- that was where the monks lived that tended the Lepers - the actual hospital was on the site of the now Asian Cultural Centre (I am fairly sure). Because it was exactly one mile from the city.
4th Nov, 2005 19:09 (UTC)
Dammit, you're making me miss Oxford, again.

4th Nov, 2005 21:20 (UTC)
On Charing Cross Road today, a young woman in a low cut top, short skirt and fishnets was smoking just outside the doors of a bank. I quite like the fact that clothing homogenisation means that I have no idea if she was a bank worker on a break or someone popped over from soho to bank the night's takings...
6th Nov, 2005 00:33 (UTC)
working at the shop today
I found myself face-to-face with the most remarkable zig-zag pink/purple/indigo tights. I probably made some sort of assumption. Later went out to get sodas for some of the volunteers and walked past a posh, conservative-looking, well-to-do couple, aged 60 or thereabouts, waiting for a car and damn-me if those weren't those legs in the crazy zig-zag tights.
6th Nov, 2005 00:36 (UTC)
aaaaa! aa! (spots chicken-head lady) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (and poor armless one) aaaaaaargl! (and Bilikins) aurgh. Urgh. Ugh. Wow.
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