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mostly obsessed with shiny things

First scarf-related casualty of the year: one of my nazca-line monkey earrings. Cusses. The internet suggests I may have trouble replacing it although this big Fair Trade surplus and samples sale (in Brick Lane for the next few days, Londoners!) would be the sort of place ... were I inclined towards replacing things I've lost rather than accepting their loss as a natural part of the Perpetual Great Accessories Swapmeet and Churn.

Arr, Jim Lad! Methought as I spotted in my info4gov update that the Treasure Annual Report had been published. Surely some spelling mistake for "Treasury"? Certainly not! But indeed a report on the 427 pieces of treasure discovered by members of the public over the past year. Ooooh, shiny! Skim through the "illustrations" files for torcs-a-plenty, some marvellous Roman rings, a stunning pin from Nether Wallop and something quite shocking happening on a medieval ?brooch (the reports give details on what everything is, but I couldn't be bothered to look it up).

(There was also a mention that the National Adaptation Policy Framework was up for consultation; how wonderfully Big Brother. Was "Learning to live With Climate Change" too honest, or too terrifying? I little poking eventually led me to UKCIP's Adapatation Wizard which may be of interest to applez, if he's not already seen it. "The ADAPTATION WIZARD (prototype version 1.0) is designed to help you move through the process from simple understanding of climate change to integration of climate change into decision-making by making use of these resources.")

This is my perfect night out, but a bit of a long way to travel for it: I suppose that combined life-drawing classes/burlesque shows are easier to set up in NY but damn-it, doesn't every town need one of these?

More ancient glamour: Kohl in traditional carved kohl bottles from B Never Too Busy to be Beautiful. Poke around a bit while you're over there for more beautiful make-up for ladyboys, glitter freaks and rose-scented kissers.

Friends in Oxfordshire: has anyone received one of the fake psychic in evil spirit scam letters yet? Just interested ... (although I did not like the atmosphere in my sister's new house and may take some appropriate gifts next time I visit).

I also include this folding bicycle product from Hummer purely to blow damiancugley's mind.


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10th Nov, 2005 17:13 (UTC)
Cheers...I'll check it out and share it around. The honest truth probably is too scary, I guess they figure so long as no one really thinks on it too seriously, the 'V for Vendetta' scenario might be sidestepped. ;-)

Be sure to let me know what Damian thinks of the bike...I'm damned tempted by it. :-)
10th Nov, 2005 17:29 (UTC)
but - but
Hummer???? Nooo, not for the label ...

You might also be interested in the consultation document itself -- especially the section marked "costs of inaction".

All the current scenarios point to an increasing frequency of extreme weather
events over the coming years ...
Ironically, estimates show that in the US, energy demand would increase
significantly to help adapt to climate change ...
Businesses are at risk from climate change in the form of flood damage
resulting from rising sea levels, changing weather patterns and
singular extreme weather events...
Between November 1994 and October 1995 the UK experienced an unusually warm period. British farmers sustained losses of GB£180 million while the warm
weather resulted in a net loss of GB£355 million to the power industry.
Insurers paid out GB£380 million as a result of damage to buildings due to
drought induced subsidence ...
10th Nov, 2005 17:39 (UTC)
Re: but - but
Nah, not for the label...but seems the identical plane-worthy model this gent uses:


And would be handy for cycling around Honolulu (there are no bicycle rentals on Waikiki) + SF


All the current scenarios point to an increasing frequency of extreme weather events over the coming years ...

Yes, and it is only when the new responsible industry buy their politicians in the US government that we'll see any political change. The old rabble currently own the government, and therefore there is no action. :-(

Ironically, estimates show that in the US, energy demand would increase
significantly to help adapt to climate change ...

Yes, I see a significant spike in emissions from two primary sources: concrete production and deployment (all-new construction, be it barriers, or moving entire cities); and from a highly erroneous shift to gassified coal.

I don't care to think of the possibilities of a "carbon sink" exploding its load to the atmosphere either.

Honestly: the idiotic decisions being made now, that will be locked in for the next 10-30 years are sooo bad, I'm actually growing in favour of nuclear. :-(

Businesses are at risk from climate change in the form of flood damage
resulting from rising sea levels, changing weather patterns and
singular extreme weather events...

One good thing to be said about Katrina: it's a valid case-study of the costs of a displaced economy, and the costs of rebuilding rather than effective prevention/adaptation. Sadly, the core lesson will be lost on the oil industry which saw profits rise with damaged refineries & drills.

As for agricultural losses, I refer you to: http://www.livejournal.com/users/applez/757892.html

Bizarrely, due to the continental nature of the US, the US does have more adaptation options (just moving people) than the UK has. And clearly no one thinks much of spending/wasting lots of money... :-/
10th Nov, 2005 18:23 (UTC)
hmmm, yes
Over here, we have nowhere to migrate to, nowhere to be displaced to. Early indicators suggest this is going to be our most exciting winter for a while, too. Still, many are worse off, etc. etc.

"Lesson lost on the oil industry" shock
10th Nov, 2005 18:54 (UTC)
Re: hmmm, yes
A disconcerting report I happened upon here:


The grand return of King Coal it seems...
11th Nov, 2005 12:03 (UTC)
Plenty of better folding bikes are available
Though I love the image of paratroopers descending on a village on tiny-wheeled bicycles.
11th Nov, 2005 18:22 (UTC)
Re: Plenty of better folding bikes are available
Yes, but only with rainbow wigs and clown horns, please! ;-)
10th Nov, 2005 17:16 (UTC)
Evil Spirits...
Haven't had one yet, but live in hope. I do get the occasional epistle from some woman in France; 'Simone' or something like that. It's one of those very convincingly hand-written looking ones. She keeps warning me that I'm being held back in life by spiteful spells. She's worried about me and wants to help.
Her blurry old photo looks like Jean-Louis Baurrault's wife (Madeline Renaud?)
10th Nov, 2005 17:21 (UTC)
It would be easy to dismiss these people as nutcases, but for the fact they prey upon the weak and the frightened. If "spiteful spells" existed, I can think of few better candidates than them to receive one.
10th Nov, 2005 18:35 (UTC)
True, of course. I often wonder when I get things like that if 'vulnerable' people aren't suckered in...Not to mention those scarily convincing emails from Ebay, Paypal, etc, asking for your account info.
BTW, I think spiteful spells may well exist, although Simone and co. certainly are't gonna improve matters...
10th Nov, 2005 17:30 (UTC)
I think I had one from her! While I was at Hawkins Street. I miss me mad mail ..
11th Nov, 2005 06:19 (UTC)
good laugh at expense
"There are a number of scams in operation around the country but this one seems more upsetting than most as it uses scare tactics to pressure the recipients into sending a small amount of money."

LMAO. What from a :-) bunch of piddly boring assholes who cannot spell ? I appear to find that BBC quote and this mad one very funny.

Cosmetics are too expensive again, tho.
10th Nov, 2005 17:18 (UTC)
According to the Guardian this week, Brick Lane is both the UK's curry capital (palpable nonsense if you've ever walked around Birmingham's "balti belt") and one of the UK's oldest red light district (600+ years).

I can see it now. Car pulls up. Woman leans in through the window: "Are you looking for Fair Trade, dear..?"
10th Nov, 2005 17:19 (UTC)
"Learning to live With Climate Change"
Absolutely unable to even look. I need a whiskey first.
10th Nov, 2005 17:28 (UTC)
Alternately, read "Snowball's Chance" by Charlie Stross in Nova Scotia: New Scottish Speculative Fiction...or other source. :-) :-/
10th Nov, 2005 18:31 (UTC)
Like most of the planet, what I want to do is find a bucket of sand and plant my head.
Oh, and I just checked a review of that. Looks good.
10th Nov, 2005 17:36 (UTC)
pour me one,
10th Nov, 2005 17:42 (UTC)
Re: pour me one,
To be fair, back in 2000, during my degree - everyone was talking about adaptation. There was no 'prevention' anymore by then.

I was seriously hoping for a crash program of activity that would spend copious quantities of money, result in relatively mild climate change, and heaps of political acrimony & scorn on the governments who made the right choices. That was 'the best scenario' one could hope for. :-/

Now we will go proudly into the night. The poorest will suffer worst first, of course. :-(
10th Nov, 2005 18:00 (UTC)
Burlesque life drawing is definitely something I'd love to do. I've forwarded the link to my boss, (just in case, well, one can dream.)
Ah well, if you ever find such a thing in the UK then give us a shout, I'd even slog all the way from Liverpool to London for summat like that.
10th Nov, 2005 18:15 (UTC)
Oh, dear, I fear I may have started a monster by telling you about the b shop! But, next time you're in London, you have to visit the branch in Carnaby Street; it's the kitschest, girliest, cheesecake and art nouveau-ingest shop ever :)
10th Nov, 2005 18:28 (UTC)
ooh, is that where it is?
I'll add it to the itinerary on my next London shopping trip. Eeesh, and set an (ouch) budget. (There's a titchy concession in my local Boots, but it doesn't have any of the good stuff.)
10th Nov, 2005 18:32 (UTC)
Re: ooh, is that where it is?
They have concessions in Boots, now? That seems very un-Lush.

There's also a branch in Covent Garden, but the interior isn't nearly as fun.
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