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Friday went to see The Brothers Grimm which ... well, I enjoyed it. Nice lines. Reference: The Twelth Kingdom, The Company of Wolves, Brotherhood of the Wolf and the less annoying moments of the Hallmark fairy-tale adapatations. Although bad casting of (most of) the lead roles and slapping down the wack and horror in order to keep it 12A hobbled things. Afterwards drifted round to help concourse understand what Mullholland Drive is all about. The moment when everything makes sense is of course a private one, not to be shared, but we established beyond a doubt that it goes well with lollipops.

I need new headphones, but none of them appeal apart from a sony pair with no price. I found another pair of my current set (now producing an unwanted buzz) but *they* were a bad replacement for something not made any more. Everything on sale now seems so creepy: I don't want something that "expands slowly in the ear canal to provide a custom fit and maximum isolation".

Saturday didn't go to Novacon or the Zodiac's birthday celebrations. Instead stayed home with the garden, getting the bulbs in before the frost and giving the ground elder which stretches its tendrils of evil beneath all Florence Park, prising at our foundations and splitting our patios, its last dose of savage contact poison. I'm not aiming to kill it (it's a bit too big for that) but to persuade it away from the house. We'll see: the big fight will be next spring.

In the evening, too languid for out, stayed in and finished watching Cowboy BeBop, finally finding out why the end of the series never made it onto any of the best-of recommendations ... bah. Sub-Woo shite, all pigeons and significant silences and no tying up loose plot threads because, oh, that might be hard. Or interesting. Hmf. To balance that, read then Fly by Night, highly recommended! Kids book about religious conflict, a vicious goose, and why the best thing you can do with your home village is leave it. Some really interesting stuff about household gods. Great characters. And I'm not just saying that because I know the author.

Sunday we got the box hedge down, and I found that, in addition to the savaged garden light, something's been at the organic blood-and-bonemeal soil improver. Something with really quite large claws. I wonder what? Fox? Badger? Or generic clawed sound maker? I dug in the compost while damiancugley phoned his parents, one after the other. Just as I was getting the fourth tiny box tree in, his Dad broached the topic of children ... I suppose that he's not the only person out there thinking that's the next obvious step ... in the spirit of embracing my fears, I later ostentaciously paid for his entry to a random laptop gig which turned out not to be as good as I hoped. Although, to be fair the last two laptop gigs I saw were Four Tet and Luke Vibert which may have unreasonably raised my expectations in this area.

Nailbombcult was fun -- good hacker posture, knelt down for the tricky bits! Cute -- and it was great to see Nervoustestpilot again (I keep missing him) although the music he was playing really needed to be in a tent somewhere with a lot of other people who wanted to dance. Knifehandchop, though, who had come recommended! (sigh) played one of the ugliest sets I've heard in a while. The samples were all pretty obvious or contained shitlots of swearing, and although the bass was sufficiently banging that as I reached for my pint (tucked safely onto a shelf) it leapt suicidally towards me spattering a pile of strangers' coats, my pop-a-cap-in-the-ho tolerance was quickly exceeded and we beat a hasty retreat. On the way out I spotted the barmaid and felt somewhat awful; there were (a few) other women in the room, but she was only non-white there. Urgh. Downstairs, the barman was staring at the vibrating ceiling and muttering darkly. Still, it got me out of the house, etc. And one of Nervous' new tracks was just my sort of thing.


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14th Nov, 2005 12:36 (UTC)
Luke Vibert and Four Tet were awesome. Completely awesome.

Still in AWE.
14th Nov, 2005 18:09 (UTC)
Cowboy Bebop
In the evening, too languid for out, stayed in and finished watching Cowboy BeBop, finally finding out why the end of the series never made it onto any of the best-of recommendations ... bah. Sub-Woo shite, all pigeons and significant silences and no tying up loose plot threads because, oh, that might be hard. Or interesting. Hmf.

Yeah, disappointing ending, and the movie doesn't help at all. Really too bad...seemed like the production folks did the typical strategy of an open-end with hope of extending the series at some future point, but were surprised by the movie-budget offer, and weren't able to get it together to make the most of it.
14th Nov, 2005 19:57 (UTC)
Everything goes well with lollipops
..except Knifehandchop, apparently. Had it been any night of the week other than a Sunday, I would most likely have been there to be disappointed too.

Still hungover, and finally going down with the long-running lurgi. Starting a new job in a hospital seems to be the trigger. Oh self pity, my old friend.
15th Nov, 2005 00:16 (UTC)
*still* hungover?
Eeek. Still, better to be sick after the tour than during. Sorry to hear about the self-pity, but I'm sure it'll dissolve as soon as you're onto the next thing.

On an entirely unrelated note, did you notice a small pack of headphones/accessories that looked like they belonged with a cheap personal CD player on your floor? I seem to have mislaid one ....
15th Nov, 2005 14:18 (UTC)
Quite; always better to be ill *after* a large project than during it. Makes the memory of the whole thing that little bit fonder.

My floor is a world of mystery and wonder at the moment, but I will have a look. Need to pick up one of those cheap personal CD players too.
15th Nov, 2005 14:44 (UTC)
Not at work today?
15th Nov, 2005 14:50 (UTC)
"Off sick". Taking the piss a little, on the second day of a temp job, but I actually am sick. Hardly at death's door, but sick.
15th Nov, 2005 14:58 (UTC)
there ought to be some sort of proverb
: taking your cold to work at a hospital, something like that
15th Nov, 2005 10:28 (UTC)
Who's the mummy?
I was expecting more comments from people on the 'children' thing. The new generation of ubergeeks has to come from somewhere after all...
15th Nov, 2005 11:17 (UTC)
My vague memories of 6th form biology suggest that for damiancugley and myself to breed there's at least one thing we'd have to be doing together which we are not.
15th Nov, 2005 12:04 (UTC)
I find the 'at least one' phrase slightly troubling, but perhaps that was one of the many things I missed by being off school sick on a vital day. I have long been convinced that there must have been lots of important explanations that I missed (like for example when the shallowness, stupidity and venality of the human race was explained).
Surely technology has advanced since the 6th form, if there was ever something that machines ought to be doing for us by now, this is it. Besides, I was kind of assuming that damiancugley would be the mother, or maybe mr_snips, who would look lovely in Mothercare's finest maternity wear.
15th Nov, 2005 13:07 (UTC)
15th Nov, 2005 11:32 (UTC)
Re: Who's the mummy?
To be fair, Dad was not talking about my having kids. We were discussing life assurance, and my ambition to outlive my mortgage just to spite my insurers, at which point the topic of multigenerational mortgages came up.
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