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disastrous equipodiatry

Today's spam-fall tastes like fortune cookies: "Based upon vigilant forethought you certify to get hold of a handsome gain."

Long maunder about life down the Mad last night (on a monday? Bad Jeremy!) led to bit of a shock at Chutney's last night: the waiter was surly, the food poisonous. Poor tinyjo. I fed her kittens for her and slunk off home to spend a somewhat fractured night as my cast-iron stomach did its duty, but she was very sick indeed, poor love.

Happiness documentary advises people to cut television viewing in half, smile at strangers and do other weird things in make Slough happy. Dr Stevens explained: "The volunteers will take their newfound skills and attitudes out into the community, and in this way we will begin to change the psychological climate of Slough." Simpler things make me happy: Look, I found a picture of a beautiful leopard carrier! (from here)

Today's odd photo set: I shredded a few years worth of financial documents and ended up with enough scraps to fill the bathtub. So...

R.I.P. Eva Svankmajerova, surrealist painter, artist, poet and Jan Svankmeyer's art director, long-time collaborator and wife.

One last word from cookiespam: "Should you prefer not to take gain of this holiday offer you can go here." Advice for us all.



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15th Nov, 2005 18:53 (UTC)
I shall add Chutney's to The List (although I have to say there are numerous places that people have had dodgy meat related experiences with that have been OK for me). It has to be said that it has been near going onto the list a couple of times.
15th Nov, 2005 19:07 (UTC)
My initial parsing of 'I fed her kittens' was rather worrying.
15th Nov, 2005 23:46 (UTC)
if you read it *before* I edited
then I imagine it sounded very disturbing indeed....
15th Nov, 2005 19:17 (UTC)
Baby Jesus! Being born in a trough! Of, er, shredded paper...
15th Nov, 2005 21:22 (UTC)
18th Nov, 2005 16:09 (UTC)
can i take that pic on flickr. ?
Thanks for sorting the syndicated feed for me ! and thanks for buying my book ! I am wondering if I could take the pic you have on flickr of it. I am about to try and sell it more. How do I get the photo ?

ta again

18th Nov, 2005 16:22 (UTC)
sure thing --
give me a preferred email address and I'll send it your way!
21st Nov, 2005 16:41 (UTC)
Re: sure thing --
email = ladylucyATbeingll.com

thanks !!
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