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i-pod-omancy, this week's strip

Home Improvement Limerick detailDesperate but not serious - Adam and the Ants
Making it Pay - Dabrye
Night Rider - Dick Dale
Counterfeit - Low Gold
Let's spend the night together - David Bowie
Existe - Apollo 440
Song for Bob Dylan - David Bowie
Perpetual Dawn - the orb

The i-pod says: stay up all night partying, but don't forget to print up your minicomics for the comics convention. Beware print errors, and don't get too wound up over prices, fame and being a fake. David Bowie adds: if strange ladies upset you, sing Bob Dylan songs at them to make them go away. But he's old and mad, so can be safely ignored.

Busy this week getting ready for the Brighton Comics Expo this weekend. Not doing anything there except catching up with friends, but still a good excuse to put toegther a weekly strip anthology: This week's strip is the title page from that, not the more elaborate piece I'd intended but maybe just as well as there are already quite enough strips about death in the anthology. The anthology also includes some unpublished, scripts, and other bits and bobs in it because, you know, why not?

Re: this week's strip, given that I had to explain to Damian, "It's a limerick", maybe I'll do that again, here:

When her co-mortgagee asked with some feeling
Whys she kept drawing birds on the ceiling
She said, as she did,
Simply to be rid
Of a strange overpowering feeling

Which is, of course, based on my half-memory of the Edward Gorey limerick:

A headstrong young woman in Ealing
Threw her two weeks' old child at the ceiling;
When quizzed why she did,
She replied, "To be rid
Of a strange, overpowering feeling."

Which is, perhaps, the ultimate domestic limerick, infinitely adaptable, always illogical:

Their new housemate (while looking appealing)
Spattered chilli and cheese on the ceiling;
When quizzed why she did,
She replied, "To be rid
Of a strange, overpowering feeling."

Her lover while humming a dirge
Spent all their cash online in a splurge;
When quizzed why he did,
He replied, "To be rid
Of a strange, overpowering urge."

Your turn.


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17th Nov, 2005 17:17 (UTC)
A man who was not well adjusted
Sank his head in a bowl of warm custard.
When asked why he did,
He replied, "To be rid
Of the sense that I'm feeling quite flustered.
17th Nov, 2005 17:25 (UTC)
custardy genius. How goes the move?
17th Nov, 2005 17:47 (UTC)
Re: ah,
I'm entirely out of the old one (and awaiting my deposit), and the new one has boxes and stuff all over the place. So I guess I'm moved.
17th Nov, 2005 17:52 (UTC)
boxes and stuff all over the place
Well, there are two approaches to that ...
17th Nov, 2005 18:06 (UTC)
Re: boxes and stuff all over the place
17th Nov, 2005 21:14 (UTC)
Re: boxes and stuff all over the place
1: Obsessively unpack everything, eradicate all cardboard, even if it's in the wrong place at least it's unpacked.
2: Unpack tea-pot, mug and bedclothes. The rest can be unpacked as you need it.
17th Nov, 2005 17:36 (UTC)
There was a young man from Albania,
Who built replicas of Lusitania,
When he set them alight,
At the stroke of midnight,
He claimed at last to be free of his mania.
17th Nov, 2005 17:37 (UTC)
Yeah, I know, I fudged with the rules.
And Lear often just repeated his first line as his last, too, so bite me.
17th Nov, 2005 17:38 (UTC)
they're not rules ---
more guidelines.
17th Nov, 2005 17:48 (UTC)
Re: they're not rules ---
HA! You makes me giggle.

Oh, and I understand that bird compulsion thingie. I mean, I had to tell two of my friends who were in from California last night about the flaming horse thing...
17th Nov, 2005 17:54 (UTC)
the fuckbrain is a harsh mistress.
17th Nov, 2005 23:41 (UTC)
Upon leaving the confines of her cell,
She made a pact with the devil in hell,
When quizzed why she did,
She replied, "To be rid
Of a strange, overpowering smell."
18th Nov, 2005 14:44 (UTC)
uh oh
drains playing up ...
18th Nov, 2005 00:37 (UTC)
She grabbed the camera from the hands of her crush,
Down the front of her shirt shutter snapped in a rush,
When faced with the negative
and quized why she did,
grinned with her cheeks, a wild drunken flush.
18th Nov, 2005 14:45 (UTC)
18th Nov, 2005 08:01 (UTC)
When enmeshed in the throes of vexation
Sublimate all your woes in creation:
When quizzed why you did
You'll reply, "To be rid
Of a strange, overpowering sensation."
18th Nov, 2005 14:46 (UTC)
... mmm
philosphical, yet therapeutic!
18th Nov, 2005 14:58 (UTC)
Re: ... mmm
It is if you're doing it right! Just ask Van Gogh.
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