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it may be a little cold in my office

I just found myself pressing the still-warm-from-the-printer print-out of the Youth Matters summary document against my legs. Toasty!


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28th Nov, 2005 17:06 (UTC)
Not exactly the same thing, but join the club - http://www.livejournal.com/interests.bml?int=warm+photocopies
Did you draw miss newham's icon the same as that one? It's groovy
28th Nov, 2005 17:10 (UTC)
too cold!
I'm going home. Re: Miss Newnham's icon, yep -- that's one of mine. More of the same in the icon gallery.
28th Nov, 2005 17:13 (UTC)
Re: too cold!
Oh, man. Can i be you when i grow up? With the addition that i would already be at home, which i am.
28th Nov, 2005 17:24 (UTC)
Re: too cold!
I have a cleanskies icon too ^

And re: heat from copies - in these times we have to take our comfort where we find it.
28th Nov, 2005 17:42 (UTC)
Re: too cold!
heh, exactly. if they open the windows again tomorrow, i shall go and get inside the photocopier. it's the only way they'll learn.
28th Nov, 2005 19:18 (UTC)
St Hilda's library used to have a huge manual typewriter which I could not operate in cold weather as my fingers were too frozen to operate the keys - I had to hunch over the ancient electric heater to make my knuckles work.
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