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detail: late last nightLate last night, while inking this week's strip, I sent an email through to UK women's comics guru Carol Bennet (at behest of crazycrone) with a couple of email addresses of people she might want to contact (there's some sort of big women's comics beano in London in february next year -- like the Fanny gatherings she used to put on) and she wrote back, "pleased to hear you are still fighting the good fight".

Trouble is, I'm not altogether convinced that I am. Still, never mind, eh? At least I have a flat-packed IKEA tallboy waiting for me at home.

Pff, look at my little face there. I've just seen the snow, but it's three-four-five something in the morning. Why can't nice things happen when you've got the energy to appreciate them?


30th Nov, 2005 13:33 (UTC)
Re: I'm starting to feel it might be a life-stages thing
I never got the life stages, read...

In hangdog face with endlesses stresses lin'd,
With tired eyes and never-ending to-do list,
Full of great ideas and fantastic plans;

From age 15 onwards, unrelenting.