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about all those orders for comics

Cheers, m'dears --- about half of them should have been filled by tomorrow/saturday or sometime next week for chums across big pond. Hopefully this includes all who have sent me actual currencies. For the rest of you, next week. After a weekend away at Camber Sands which I am greatly looking forward to.

xx J


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1st Dec, 2005 22:12 (UTC)
I think I'll give some cash for you to Damian.

Hey - I think you once posted a link to an amazingly cool hotel in Germany. Do you have any memory of that?

Have a brilliant time at Butlins.
1st Dec, 2005 22:34 (UTC)
yes, here:
1st Dec, 2005 22:37 (UTC)
Re: yes, here:
damn, we never did do that dream hotel anthology ...
1st Dec, 2005 22:40 (UTC)
Re: yes, here:
1st Dec, 2005 22:41 (UTC)
Re: yes, here:
The next MCR should be there.
1st Dec, 2005 23:04 (UTC)
Ohhh, Camber Sands, yes! Enjoy.
Hotel dream anthology; yes! gotta happen eventually.
2nd Dec, 2005 09:50 (UTC)
Received this morning with bonus envelope doodle - yay!
2nd Dec, 2005 16:34 (UTC)
Hello, Jeremy!
Hi Jeremy. New fan here. Not a live journal user myself, so not much clue how to use this web gubbins here, so please bear with me. Couldn't find contact details for you anywhere else on the web. We met at the Brighton Expo, but not properly. I've reviewed the copy of 'Whores of Mensa' you kindly gave me; 2 more reviews of your stuff to follow in subsequent issues of Comics International as and when I've written them, but Dead By Dawn and The Weekly Strip both read and digested now. And blimey, but I didn't realise I'd already read some of your stuff in Sunny For Girls. I'll be in touch ere long. I can be tracked down easily by any web detective. Yours sincerely, David Knight. See you at the next Bristol convention !
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