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I'm going to cut out and keep the thanksgiving spam message from Russia, I liked it:

This holiday season, why not give a gift deserving admiration and astonishment?
Family and friends wilI speak of your qift throughout the niqht,
compliments and thanks wiII fly in your direction the entire evening ,
and the dinner's hosts wiII remain thinkinq of you for years to come .

A qift such as this could be none other than the one-of-a-kind hand-carved heart boxes
created in onIy one pIace on earth ,the smalI ruraI city of Tomsk ,located in Siberia.
The Siberian White Birch produces a light colored and soft wood
that gives craftsmen the ability to hand-carve intricate details in these ornaments
and create works of art that are smooth to the touch and extraordinarily functional.

Leave your closest relatives and friends with an eminent impression,
for these attention-grabbing gift boxes are truly different from
anything they have ever seen,

not to mention absolutely beautiful!

In fact, we're so confident you will love your gift box that we
guarantee a full refund

if for any reason it isn't up to your standards! (Unsurprisingly, the tomsk box website is a study in effusiveness.)

I really ought to sort out my tags position. Not to mention design, website, archiving, backup ... urgh. From LJTags: Suicide dynamic over the last week.

Look quick! There's a homosexual kiss on the BBC News England page. Yay BBC, keep doing your bit for visibility!


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6th Dec, 2005 18:45 (UTC)
You know, I saw that handy device for plotting tags and thought, whats the first tag word that comes to my mind?
7th Dec, 2005 00:37 (UTC)
Saw this and thought of you... :)
7th Dec, 2005 11:13 (UTC)
ah, unavailable in the UK. Pfeh! Well, I do have too many cameras already ...
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