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jollity fading : need christmas.

Television only providing wolf spiders, which while lovely are not cuddly purveyors of joy. At work, so unable to check out zefrank's carol maker, (EDIT: I have now, check out cleanskies la lalala in the "community carols") but the snowflake generator is pleasantly trippy; and if you like penguins, yet feel uneasy about wildlife conservation tourism, this should ring awws and warning bells in chiming time: We are the ONLY organisation offering you your own wild penguin, which is why you get to choose your penguin's name.

In the meantime I've had my first experience of "The Living Room" (the new place they put in the prison yard where they used to hang people, just over where they dug up that plague pit) for the company christmas do of damiancugley. It started off ever-so promising, in the back room, with brown leather padded doors and freakish antler things everywhere, and the bulk of the seating provided by enormous brown leather beds covered with "scatter cushions". It was like something out of 70s Playboy world, I kept expecting to turn over the cocktail list and find the one for coke and whores.

However, the food was sub-Bernie-inn awful, the service smacked of having been bought up from Pizza Hut the previous week, and then there was the (da-da-da-dum) Lounge Singer. Whose musical mutilations were even piped into the toilets to be sure that there was No ESCAPE. Guh.

Things improved when they replaced him with a large floral arrangement, although I imagine the people sitting closer to the entertainment screen (which appeared to be on some sort of cocktail/perfume/car advert loop) didn't benefit that much.

I skipped much of the food, but elected to stay to have another pass at the cocktail list, particularly as they were letting us back into the Weird Antler Room. The cocktails I sampled were very good indeed, although oxfordhacker expressed some disappointment at his margarita; probably better to hit the specialities rather than go for your classics/favourites as they do like getting frilly with the ingredients.

Next up: a team, away day in Swindon outlet village. Truly, I am living the Mr Scruff dream. Speaking of which; tea.


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8th Dec, 2005 15:33 (UTC)
Weird Antler Room sounds grand; too bad about the rest.
8th Dec, 2005 15:53 (UTC)
Did you get any photos of 70s Playboy World? It sounds like a good theme for my living room.
8th Dec, 2005 16:01 (UTC)
I just poked
the photographer, I'll let you know if I have any success. I took some of the photos, so I ought to at least get hold of them ...

In the meantime, built in day-beds upholstered in brown leather, scatter cushions in a variety of styles, a glass cocktail bar in the corn, brown shag rugs and feature ornamantal light fixtures made of antlers and smoked brown glass.

There was also a stuffed deer head on the wall, but it wa a bit gruesome, I'd give that a miss.
8th Dec, 2005 18:13 (UTC)
another snowy timewaster
8th Dec, 2005 23:53 (UTC)
Re: another snowy timewaster
awwww! sparkly!
8th Dec, 2005 18:35 (UTC)
I kind of want to find a person who's really into penguins and make friends with them so I can adopt one for them as a present. And call it Phil. Or Brian.
8th Dec, 2005 23:56 (UTC)
you could try hanging out
at the penguin enclosure at London Zoo. You can sponsor penguins there, too, although I don't think you get to name them. It's expensive, though -- we had to club together to get some friends one as a wedding present. These are much more baragin basement penguins ...
8th Dec, 2005 22:18 (UTC)
How is it, precisely, that I can resist adopting a penguin?

My LJ has been down for a few days and then this pops up while I'm scrolling back. Evil. But good for penguins. So perhaps not so evil. So confused now.
8th Dec, 2005 23:57 (UTC)
at $30
--- I'd say the price is right. Sponsor! Name! Visit (actually, that could get quite expensive ...)
9th Dec, 2005 00:02 (UTC)
Re: at $30

The penguin's name is Cardinal. It's a long story.
9th Dec, 2005 00:57 (UTC)
Re: at $30
Well, happy christmas!
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