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(deafening silence)

I was moved to complain:

I have just been watching "The Future of Fun" sequence presented by the odious, smug, patronising, and yet ill-informed Matthew Sweet. Most of the exciting future innovations the "pundits" were speculating about already exist -- in fact, I am watching it at the moment, on a Tivo, a futuristic computerised method of organising your television viewing more sophisticated than the "comedic" sexy talking television Sweet used as a substitute for his girlfriend in a scenario that was patronising, dismissive and vaguely distasteful in its contempt for young people, people with an interest in computers, experts and women. I appreciate that new media may not be as much of a speciality for the programme as say film or architecture, but if you lack the expertise to present credible reporting on a topic, perhaps it should not be included. There are masses of exciting, innovative and interesting issues in this area; let's concentrate on them, rather than on misguided attempts at humour by a luddite struggling pitifully with his internalised technophobia. Respect it enough to research it properly, or don't include it at all.


Jeremy Dennis.

P.S. The new comments and complaints system did not improve my mood at all.


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8th Dec, 2005 21:18 (UTC)
wait, matthew sweet as in the musician matthew sweet? he is a pundit now>
8th Dec, 2005 21:30 (UTC)
From his performance on the (supposedly innovative) karaoke game, I would say this is a different Matthew Sweet.

9th Dec, 2005 02:37 (UTC)
Re: uhhhhhhmmm
whoa because you had me worried there.
8th Dec, 2005 21:19 (UTC)
It really is quite an atrociously wanky programme.
I quite like Mark Kermode's hair though.
8th Dec, 2005 21:32 (UTC)
fabulously wanky
the sequence with Kermode and Andy Serkis in the Gorilla house was particularly fine !
8th Dec, 2005 21:47 (UTC)
Re: fabulously wanky
I think Andy Serkis is a twat. Precious.
9th Dec, 2005 01:08 (UTC)
Re: fabulously wanky
It was really odd watching him talk about his art outside the context of a LotR Appedix. I think he's been in the Peter Jackson bubble for far too long.

Of course I'd love to live in the Peter Jackson bubble - it looks like tremendous fun.
8th Dec, 2005 22:06 (UTC)
Did I see the culture show?
No, because the last time I saw the culture show they were talking about how comics have grown up! And and and Bandes Dessinees! ADULTS READ THEM! SOME OF THEM ARE GOOD! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?
Fuck's sake.
8th Dec, 2005 22:52 (UTC)
Re: Did I see the culture show?
one of their first shows had a report in it about how some folk music was actually quite good and not just Men In Jumpers. I dispair about the current state of tv research, knowing as I do the things that go out (and refuse to change when I correct them).
9th Dec, 2005 00:25 (UTC)
Re: Did I see the culture show?
Last time I saw it they were talking about the music scene, and trying to find the one town where everything interesting for the next year was going to come from. "Obviously we go to the North of England.."

Brother James tells me off for watching these things. I call it research.
9th Dec, 2005 09:55 (UTC)
Re: Did I see the culture show?
Grumble grumble young people today I blame protein.
9th Dec, 2005 01:16 (UTC)
Oddly enough I did see it thanks to flatmates watching the Serkis piece and found myself in an apoplectic fury, shouting at the screen which often happens when I watch TV. They even managed to take Steve Johnson's Everything Bad Is Good For You (oblig Kottke post) and completely miss the point.

The most galling thing was "computers will tell you what to watch" which completely misunderstands the point of harnessing social networking services (or whatever you want to call them).

Ah, I'm ranting again. Best take this to my own blog...
9th Dec, 2005 11:23 (UTC)
I do wonder where the BBC harvests these people from? I thought that the 'two cultures' stuff had pretty much gone the way of the ark. Even 20 odd years ago I didn't get the sense that Oxford really had this sort of antipathy. I didn't feel that 'Northern Chemists' were sneered at for being uncultured in some sense, certainly not the narrow 'not having seen the latest Pinter' kind of sense.
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