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I'm hungry, why am I hungry?

I'm never hungry in the morning! Must've been all my hard work last night. I moved bookshelves, cleaned the kitchen floor, mended the cooker and put down the lines for a piece I'm doing for buddleia. Next up, tones, colours, collaged elements.

This poll needs your input: What, oh what shall we do with Tom Cruise? I also found some of the other people's ideas very creative, especially the one involving Richard Gere.

Tonight: Sidi Bou Said, Fortingtons, Spy 51. I am pleased.

Also, for lovers of tiny things, Santa goes through the eye of a needle.


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15th Dec, 2005 11:43 (UTC)
Why can't we shrink Tom Cruise and stick him in the eye of a needle?
15th Dec, 2005 12:20 (UTC)
oh, come now
I'm sure wee twinkletoes would already fit. And if not, it'd still surely be fun trying.
15th Dec, 2005 12:22 (UTC)
Re: oh, come now
Stop reading my mind!
15th Dec, 2005 12:24 (UTC)
but it's fun!
15th Dec, 2005 13:12 (UTC)
Already planning wall space
Oooh. *rubs hands*
15th Dec, 2005 17:25 (UTC)
(helpfully) well, the paper's sort of a bit smaller than A3 ...
15th Dec, 2005 14:52 (UTC)
Maybe see you at SBS...
15th Dec, 2005 17:25 (UTC)
oh yay!
15th Dec, 2005 16:32 (UTC)
Tom Cruise
What else can one expect of someone who trained to become a priest?

I mean, he can join the others who've joined that career detour of disappointment, like Stalin. ;-)
15th Dec, 2005 17:27 (UTC)
I know some very nice people who've trained to become priests. I think one of them may even still be one. Is a vicar the same as a priest?
15th Dec, 2005 21:01 (UTC)
Re: heeeyyyyy
"Forgive Me Father, For I Have Sinned"

"As Have I..."

[/Eddie Izzard]

When the CofE and its vicars manage to organize anything larger than a gin-fueled tea party, maybe even a Basillica and a couple of foundation-shaking sex scandals...maybe they'll achieve priestly parity. ;-)
15th Dec, 2005 21:03 (UTC)
Re: heeeyyyyy
18th Dec, 2005 14:25 (UTC)
Re: heeeyyyyy
a simple yes or no would have sufficed! :P
18th Dec, 2005 19:29 (UTC)
Re: heeeyyyyy
But when it's both yes and no? ;-)
15th Dec, 2005 16:44 (UTC)
Oh, I have the perfect Christmas record for the Christmas party..
Stafrænn Hákon's Glussi Christmas 2004 7". Twinkly shimmering icelandic electronic and bowed guitars in buckets of reverb.

A side: Do They Know It's Christmas
B side: Last Christmas (Wham)

Maybe I should have left it as a surprise. But.. nah.
15th Dec, 2005 17:27 (UTC)
shimmery christmas joy
cannot be contained and kept secret
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