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atp in text messages

where you go?
breakfast cava unexpectedly pink, surreal cats on channel seven, on the steps, snoozing with a pocket full of shells surrounded by music that sounds like clanger
zombie dj is on again in pub; going to beach to watch sunset
Going to catch a bit of harry angel before we play, then a doomed attempt at an early night. You'll miss us doing 'all is full of love' .. x
Sorry sorry sorry to have missed that, have a fun doomed early night x j
Top ATP quote I just overheard: 'I find it easier to go and see shit bands and drink myself to enjoyment than pay the extra to see good bands'...
it's all cock rock classics in here! you want to go for a drink?
Hope it wasn't as mildly disappointing as I may previously have hoped. x
Don't worry there were things to complain about. Trev, for one. See you at the angel x j