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I am such a compulsive diarist that I even save text messages sometimes. But that means that about every six months I need to do a text message dump:

wow! that was so exciting she wet herself! thank u so much! it's brilliant! also ideal for shutting small toys in as new la-la has discovered! xxx [vic]
Not yet - am in Archway in the Boogaloo at the mo, with Dickon and Charley Stone. [jenni sc]
Period drama. Old castle on a loch. Pregnant Queen about to give birth to heir. Faraday is the wet nurse and Kemble a lady in waiting. The boy is still born. They bury it in the walls and substitute it for a ? But the baby buried in the walls haunts them evermore. Not quite got there yet but there's a witch involved and somehow they get cursed explaining their origins. [andy r]
What's your address for the sunflowers? [pete a]
Hey I'm drunk and trying to prepare pudding at the MCR. [debra]
Sorry did not reply, i have been planting hedges and going to festivals as well as usual things. Damian likes very small they things and I'm happy with anything sparkly, and together we like to do stuff in the garden! What do you lot want? [to vic]

The title is an unsent text. I wonder what circumstances produced it?


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18th Dec, 2005 14:52 (UTC)
I, too, save them, and must sometimes dump.

Right now:

"I, myself, am a writer of dark ballads. This (touches guitar) is my ray of moonlight." - written at open mic night, direct quote from shitty fake goth guitar player...
18th Dec, 2005 16:13 (UTC)
oy oy oy
18th Dec, 2005 15:25 (UTC)
I should really stop informing the world every time I get drunk. It's neither big nor clever.
18th Dec, 2005 16:13 (UTC)
it's funny though!
19th Dec, 2005 09:16 (UTC)
Oh righto, I suppose that makes it worth the efforrt then.
20th Dec, 2005 18:12 (UTC)
Here's one I still have from the Caption weekend: "who needs comics when you have ducks and beer?"
21st Dec, 2005 10:41 (UTC)
That is *so* caption.
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