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waaaah! it's snowing!

Two minutes ago, it was bright blue sky out there!

down comes the snow


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27th Dec, 2005 11:47 (UTC)
BIG snow here too!
27th Dec, 2005 12:50 (UTC)
And two minutes later..
27th Dec, 2005 13:08 (UTC)
We had about five minutes, but a surpisingly heavy fall...now it's gorn.
Looks like it may be back, though, and it's getting colder...
27th Dec, 2005 13:34 (UTC)
NOW it snows in Oxford, when I'm not there! No fair!
27th Dec, 2005 14:12 (UTC)
Bugger, and me about to start driving back to Solihull from Portsea.

Wish me luck.
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